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a transparency for use with an overhead projector


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For example, the reader can skim the text for sample graphic elements, put the book aside, and come back later to study model viewgraphs for layout ideas.
it is not, to use an expression, a viewgraph presentation," said Dr.
Standard printed documents, viewgraph transparencies and 35mm color slides can be displayed.
There has been a huge generational uptick in the ability to present compared to my graduation skills of viewgraphs, essays, reports, and 3x5 cue cards
On page 191, in a section called "Engineering By Viewgraphs," the board cited Tufte's research, and wrote that it "views the endemic use of PowerPoint slides" as "an illustration of the problematic methods of technical communication at NASA.
Such individuals will find the viewgraphs in the appendices to be an additional source of useful technical data.
Before PowerPoint, there were 35mm slides and viewgraphs," said Kaplan.
Appendix E (Legal Guidelines Summary) provides copies of viewgraphs that should be used at the beginning of the meeting to satisfy this requirement.
Viewgraphs from the presentations summarizing progress and plans can be found at: http://www.
Attendees will be encouraged to bring questions, proposals and/or viewgraphs to describe their problems.
We've even joked about it: dust bunnies under the bed, dust in one's scientific papers, or dust on one's viewgraphs about dust.
The system can also be used present viewgraphs and full motion video.
In the past, the lecture materials usually consisted of stacks of viewgraphs (often handwritten the day before the class) that we would copy for the students.
Turner, whose hand-drawn viewgraphs are so colorful that they have adorned the walls of an art gallery, isn't the typical scientist, and 1998 hasn't been the typical year for the study of the universe.
Examples include last-minute correction of spelling mistakes before photocopying, modifying viewgraphs at meetings, exchange of document drafts by fax, and recreational forgery (the construction of obvious parodies for humorous purposes).