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optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

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It is available as complete system including CCU, connecting fibre, viewfinder and remote control.
The URSA Mini's OLED Viewfinder was an unexpected pleasure for me--I fell in love with it right away.
The all metal design of the URSA Studio Viewfinder features the highest quality variable tension mounting points and an articulated arm that lets you adjust the position and angle of the viewfinder.
In some instances, it may be possible to use the shift movement to alter the viewpoint sufficiently for the offending obstruction to move just beyond the edge of the viewfinder.
The existing HDLA-1500 series, control and shading systems, viewfinders and master set-up units are all interchangeable between the HD and 4K systems.
This little one has got some more surprises; one of them is the electronic viewfinder. It features a unique pop-up mechanism that helps to maintain the compactness of the camera when not in use or if you wish to work with the LCD screen.
Revision C of the Viewfinder Handbook covers new features contained in this update.
Its electronic viewfinder is extremely responsive with a tiny lag time, so when you tweak things like filters or exposure, you can see the effects in real time.
viewfinder to help frame shots with confidence, plus a grip that adds to the
Taking photos on a DSLR uses an optical viewfinder unlike on a smartphone or a compact camera.
What's more, its newly developed electronic viewfinder is almost indistinguishable from an optical viewfinder thanks to its ultra fast display speed.
They're essentially high-powered cameras without the traditional body, and can be used without a phone via their shutter buttons and zoom controls, SD card and Memory Stick slots, although a screen-based viewfinder to see what shots you're taking certainly helps.
IN an effort to make summer travel easier and more rewarding, Expedia said has simultaneously launched a new travel blog called "Expedia Viewfinder," pairing the resources of the world's largest online travel agency with the deep travel knowledge of a diverse set of independent travel bloggers.
Visitors can also learn more about the landmarks in the region through the innovative Viewfinder available at the tower.
We are being hosted by photography school ViewFinder Center for Photography--and taught in English by owner Matthew Anderson and guest instructor Christian Heeb.