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Synonyms for videotape

a video recording made on magnetic tape

a relatively wide magnetic tape for use in recording visual images and associated sound

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KUWAIT CITY - Kuwait's Prime Minister told MPs Tuesday that a videotape allegedly showing former senior officials plotting a coup was "tampered with," parliament speaker Marzouk al-Ghanem said after a secret session.
Cruise has also stipulated that the footage not be duplicated and that "No copies of the videotape, or any video or audio portions thereof, may be made and no one other than the counsel for the Parties and the Custodian, as defined below, may have access to the videotape.
As videotaping capabilities became more prevalent, some research on the use of videotape in supervision was undertaken, but no programmatic research on the use of the method emerged.
People had no idea they were being put on videotape," the chief said.
For some reason, the security that Celanese has hired feels the need to videotape our houses, videotape our children in the yard," says Steve Floyd, a locked out worker.
Sachs fraudulently misrepresented that the videotape was not of the plaintiff's surgery, and, as a result, the jury's verdict was tainted and should be vacated.
After the performance is recorded, the performing student may take the VHS copy of the videotape home for later review.
Despite the videotape and criminal plea, the husband demanded coverage under his homeowners policy.
Now we can videotape people pirouetting, and with the Peak Motus [software] we're able to prove a lot of the laws of conservation of energy and motion in a rotational medium, something that can't be done without this equipment," says Jeff Shull, a science teacher at Macomb.
before the videotape reaches its lifespan, copy the old tapes onto new tapes).
VHS videotape, English, 22 minutes, 1993 Catalog No.
This brief videotape and accompanying user's guide are effective tools to introduce essential elements of the Japanese lesson study as a method for improving mathematics teaching.
This paper provides guidelines for the use of videotape recordings for systematic instruction in functional skills for students with moderate to severe disabilities.
I've seen many cases in which even well-intentioned psychiatrists committed systematic errors in note taking when compared with a videotape record.