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Synonyms for video

the visible part of a television transmission

a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)

(computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display

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Digital video cameras, now widely available, store images in the same digital form (bits) as computers store data.
Traditionally dealers prepared VCR tapes of videos showing the horses running on tracks or fields.
Headlines in the computer and business trades swing from upbeat predictions that desktop video has arrived to dour pronouncements that it will not fly, at least not yet.
In addition to a newly designed user interface that makes finding videos easier and faster, Veoh is integrating its powerful recommendations technology across the entire service.
com) is a one-stop online resource to find, watch and share millions of the best videos from across the Web, broadcast and cable television, and entertainment including movies, music videos, news, user-generated content and full-length TV shows.
More importantly, these videos are already compatible with devices made by Thomson, Sony, Samsung, iRiver, Creative, Archos and many, many other manufacturers.
com videos can now be played on any PMP/PVP or personal computer that uses WMV with DRM.
Providing video submission tools ensures that video publishers can easily submit video feeds or video links to searchforvideo.
In the coming months the searchforipod video player will introduce new features that make it easy to share videos and video playlists within the searchforipod community as well as with already existing large Internet communities.
The company's unique Visual Crawler technology enables Truveo to find videos that current search engines miss, and deliver highly relevant and up-to-the-minute results to users.
In the last six months, two of the hottest products in the consumer electronics market have been the video iPod and the Sony PSP, and like other personal electronics, personalizing their content has become a key goal for their users.
Consumers can view AOL Hi-Q video on demand as well as select to have new Hi-Q videos in a particular category of interest, such as online movie trailers, music videos, video game trailers and more entertainment content, pushed to them when they are available.