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television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater


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Divx discs, however, don't have any of that, under the belief that videotape renters -- the market Divx is primarily targeting -- are not videophiles and don't care about those DVD extras.
1 minutes each month, followed by mobile videophiles in the United States panel - 230 minutes/month and in Indonesia-181.
While the massive chains are struggling, niche stores -- those actually run by videophiles -- are surviving," she said.
Tech credits for the first installment are fine with even the oldest film clips looking razor-sharp, as befits the studio's well-deserved status among videophiles as the most scrupulous of digitizers.
3a may be the final interface for the highest resolution audio, including Blu-ray and HD DVD, though videophiles may be on a more accelerated trajectory.
Although there is little doubt that a diversity of tastes amongst videophiles does exist, the latter point demonstrates the efficiency of Hollywood's advertising power on global audiences quite tellingly.
Novice audiophiles and videophiles will enjoy the program's drag and drop operation, its CDDB auto-save, and its many easy-to-use features.
Disney's video hi-jinks date back further, to 1994 when hawk-eyed videophiles discovered on laserdisc copies of ``Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
TV-based DVD video players are becoming the format of choice for movie fans and videophiles.
With their new features, their improved quality and their futuristic potential, digital televisions will be a temptation that videophiles in this TV-crazed nation will find hard to resist.
PowerDirector Metro: For videophiles and those who need to get their recorded video content edited and distributed quickly, this app facilitates on-the-spot video editing and video slideshow creation and features a selection of Magic Style pro-designed templates that let consumers create polished movies automatically.
I heard some videophiles saying upsampled DVD might be good enough, a refrain 1 also heard in some parts of the Alexis Park with respect to CD.
Videophiles such as Thomas Santee of Eugene began calling Comcast and KMTR shortly after the Games began to complain.
Videophiles will like the big screen and home-unit features.
There are those who disagree with Dolby's assessment, including many audiophiles, videophiles, equipment reviewers, and not surprisingly, the folks at DTS, whose competing home system offers far less compression and a seemingly richer, more natural sound.