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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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Using interactive videodiscs to teach gross anatomy to undergraduates at the Ohio State University.
All the information was recorded on two virtually indestructible interactive videodiscs that could be accessed using a special BBC microcomputer system.
The archive for the European art videodisc contains over 2,800 images of individual works, each accompanied by identifying caption information and details.
Nor was Philips' demonstration of using lasers for recording and playback in 1972, or the appearance of the first commercial 12-inch videodiscs in 1978.
On the instructor's desk or podium (or even on a transportable cart) the Wavecom sending unit sits, waiting for attachment to whatever device the instructor wishes to use in today's lecture (DVD or videodisc player, VCR, satellite/cable receiver, camcorder, CCD camera, WebTV, computer, etc.
In addition, the Forum accepted the baseline functionality set for interactivity proposed by the International Multimedia Association (IMA) and the Optical VideoDisc Association (OVDA).
Imagine for a moment that you are considering the purchase of a digital videodisc (DVD) player, a new technology for playing movies.
InfoTech defines three basic applications for the new technology: high-density CD-ROM for PC multimedia, digital videodisc (DVD) for home video, and high-density CD-ROM for interactive TV.
I remember teachers asking me whether a videodisc package I helped design was interactive.
Near the end of our first project, we became interested in a videodisc version of the TCB because of its random access, durability, clarity, and adaptability to applications with computer programs.
A videodisc transmission offers clues describing the problem and the students must determine which location is being described.
This format, unlike the videodisc which stores an analog signal, stores information as digital information.
They are played back on a videodisc player that can be controlled by a remote control or hooked up to an external computer.
Two technologies used for multimedia are CD-ROM and videodisc.