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a zone from which military forces or operations or installations are prohibited

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High-Definition videoconferencing is a reality," says David Holloway, chief executive officer, Codian.
The software bundled with most webcams does not support videoconferencing.
According to Ian Kay, CMI vice president education, videoconferencing offers numerous advantages over the traditional classroom instruction that CMI has offered for 40-plus years.
Videoconferencing falls into two major categories: boardroom and desktop.
Using the Omega's mouse-controlled graphical user interface, conference participants can now operate the videoconferencing system without constantly looking down at a control panel and losing eye contact with other participants," said Paul A.
Both of these premier videoconferencing companies, Sony and Polycom, are long established leaders in ground breaking technology.
As costs go down and technology improves, videoconferencing systems, used primarily for interoffice communications today, could become as commonplace and frequently used for intraoffice communications as the fax machine.
Hospice of Lake & Sumter / Cornerstone Hospice is using its custom DirectView Videoconferencing solution to conduct in-service meetings for nurses and clinical staffers, at least once a week, and for periodic luncheon meetings.
The recession, lower profitability, and concern about airline costs and security have contributed to the mushrooming of the videoconferencing industry.
There is no company to challenge the breadth and depth of the TANDBERG offering," Videoconferencing Insight's editor said.
Square One is a turnkey package which provides all of the on-site training, open-houses, executive briefings, educational literature, newsletter support, payroll stuffers, posters and brochure covers to promote videoconferencing.
Advancements like 3G-based videoconferencing, SIP, and IP-based videoconferencing, propell videoconferencing towards mainstream adoption in the long run.
Videoconferencing Insight is a well-established newsletter for users of video conferencing systems which has reported on the industry from an end-user perspective since May 1996.
The new wireless videoconferencing solution allows users of H.
Stratosphere maintains a pool of mobile videoconferencing and internet broadcasting systems, along with a global network database of 3800 public videoconferencing suites and 1700 hotel partners for multi-city events.