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a zone from which military forces or operations or installations are prohibited

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A combination of concurrent technological innovations makes it possible to bring high-definition video and audio to videoconferencing today.
Both have built-in videoconferencing tools that allow you to pretty much "call up" another person using the same messenging software and have an audio/video conversation.
Wescast regularly employs videoconferencing to communicate among its North American and European facilities.
Most companies use videoconferencing for employee training and orientation and one-on-one communication.
DirectView is launching these advanced HD videoconferencing solutions to satisfy a wide range of applications including Corporate/Financial (Interviewing, Marketing, and Board/Shareholder Meetings); Education/Distance Learning; Medical Teaching; Law/Justice (Arraignments/Court Appearances, Depositions, Expert Testimony); and many others.
New uses for videoconferencing are emerging as part of our future planning, even for patient use, and DirectView has been a real partner in this effort.
We are pleased that the Videoconferencing Insight Newsletter again recognized our leadership in providing the industry's highest quality, state-of-the-art collaboration tools.
This includes both desktop and group videoconferencing revenues.
This award from Videoconferencing Insight validates that we are fulfilling a market need.
com, is a full-service provider of high-quality, cost efficient videoconferencing technologies and services.
Available today in more than 33 countries, IP Video VPN lets multinationals connect their globally distributed videoconferencing systems across the MPLS-enabled IP infrastructure of Infonet's The World Network(R).
The 84 percent jump translates to revenue increasing to $97 million in 2003 from $53 million the previous year in China for equipment at these videoconferencing sites, also known as endpoints.
VSIG, well known in the videoconferencing industry as an added value distributor to the A/V Integration industry, will continue to provide the high end service and support that resellers relied on for the past 5 years.
to consolidate a fragmented Videoconferencing market.
Nasdaq:PLCM), the world's leader in video and voice conferencing, conference bridges, and integrated web collaboration solutions, announced today it had been honored by the editors of Videoconferencing Insight Newsletter, a UK-based source of information focused on the videoconferencing industry.