videocassette recorder

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a magnetic tape recorder for recording (and playing back) TV programs


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Data on expenditures and percent reporting for microwave ovens, sound components and components systems, and videocassette recorders and video disc players follow the expected patterns.
PATRICAN: "The household penetration of videocassette recorders stands at 83% but growth in full-size videocassettes has come from families buying their second or third unit.
If a customer expresses interest in a television monitor or a videocassette recorder in a home theater display, then the customer should be shown merchandise in the general area of the store for that product.
A Corporation (BHA) unveiled at CES the XVD(TM) Combination Deck, a digital replacement for the videocassette recorder (VCR).
It took the videocassette recorder 13 years to reach a comparable level of household penetration.
As the DVD video recorder market is poised to replace the videocassette recorder market, CE OEMS are seeking reliable, low-cost DVD solutions.
Nakayama was indicted on seven other charges, including injuring a woman at her home in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, during a July 17, 1996, robbery in which he made off with her videocassette recorder.
Building upon a wealth of technologies, exemplified by the JVC-developed VHS videocassette recorder, the Company is moving decisively to offer appropriate solutions for the multimedia age.
A while back, videocassette recorder sales were going through the roof.
Authorities said the stolen merchandise includes a 14-karat yellow gold chain with a 14-karat white gold pendant and two round-cut diamonds, a gold bracelet, a 14-karat gold watch with the word ``Geneve'' on the face, a pair of gold earrings with white center stones, a gold nugget-type ring with cut diamonds, a Canon AE-1 camera, a Vivitar Series-1 70-210 millimeter zoom lens, a Sony 27-inch Trinitron television, a Phillips Magnavox VRX262AT videocassette recorder, and a set of silver flatware in a dark wooden storage box.
Video on Demand is a technology available on advanced telecommunications systems that transmits video to a home with features that are similar to a videocassette recorder such as fast forward, pause, and rewind.
Authorities said a television and videocassette recorder also were missing from the classroom but were found near a fence - an indication that the vandals might have tried to steal them but couldn't get them out.
Johnson said McKinzie gave her a doll to keep as a present for her own daughter, but left with stereo equipment, a videocassette recorder and other items that later were traced to Avril's home.
For the auction, local businesses have donated merchandise ranging from a videocassette recorder to all materials and labor for a built-in swimming pool.