videocassette recorder

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a magnetic tape recorder for recording (and playing back) TV programs


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Data on expenditures and percent reporting for microwave ovens, sound components and components systems, and videocassette recorders and video disc players follow the expected patterns.
JVC's new ProHD camcorder and videocassette recorder are attractive solutions for broadcasters and indie film producers who are making the transition from SD to HD," said Hiro Yamada, founder and chairman of the board of Canopus.
May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- With major television stations around the country set to begin broadcasting the new High Definition (HDTV) and other Digital Television (DTV) signals this fall, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company (PCEC) is ready to help consumers enter the digital era with an entire range of home TV products including HDTV and DTV displays, a DTV-certified set-top decoder, and a digital VHS (D-VHS) videocassette recorder.
Authorities said the stolen merchandise includes a 14-karat yellow gold chain with a 14-karat white gold pendant and two round-cut diamonds, a gold bracelet, a 14-karat gold watch with the word ``Geneve'' on the face, a pair of gold earrings with white center stones, a gold nugget-type ring with cut diamonds, a Canon AE-1 camera, a Vivitar Series-1 70-210 millimeter zoom lens, a Sony 27-inch Trinitron television, a Phillips Magnavox VRX262AT videocassette recorder, and a set of silver flatware in a dark wooden storage box.
Video on Demand is a technology available on advanced telecommunications systems that transmits video to a home with features that are similar to a videocassette recorder such as fast forward, pause, and rewind.
Authorities said a television and videocassette recorder also were missing from the classroom but were found near a fence - an indication that the vandals might have tried to steal them but couldn't get them out.
It has a high videocassette recorder penetration and usage and a population that is highly receptive to American retailing concepts.
Johnson said McKinzie gave her a doll to keep as a present for her own daughter, but left with stereo equipment, a videocassette recorder and other items that later were traced to Avril's home.
For the auction, local businesses have donated merchandise ranging from a videocassette recorder to all materials and labor for a built-in swimming pool.
But the 54-year-old Milburn groused that he kept missing the last 80 seconds of the broadcast because the clock on his videocassette recorder wasn't synchronized with ABC's clock.
will withdraw from videocassette recorder (VCR) manufacturing next spring and consign VCR production to South Korean manufacturers on an original manufacturing basis, company officials said Wednesday.
is the designer, patent-holder and marketer of the only Dual-Deck VCR sold in the United States and the only videocassette recorder that easily can copy any VHS video tape.
of Japan, a pioneer of VHS-format videocassette recorders, from 8:20 a.
Duteau sold guitars, drums, amplifiers, public address systems, stereos, speakers, Sony Betamax videocassette recorders, VHS videocassette recorders and, of course, movies in Betamax, VHS and now DVD formats.
The pioneer of VHS-format videocassette recorders, JVC was once a strong player in consumer electronics, but due to mounting competition in the audiovisual devices market, its earnings have tapered off.