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(trademark) an iPod that can also play video files

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One iPod was a fifth generation video iPod classic device measuring 4 in.
San Marcos (Texas) Consolidated Independent School District began using video iPods in early 2006 as a platform for accessing English language songs and educational videos.
A grant to the technology committee for the college allowed for the purchase of 10 video iPods for nursing education and provided an opportunity to try something new.
A second issue is that not all students have, or can afford, a video iPod, so this cannot be the only mode of delivery of lectures.
Expand Video iPod to its full Potential -- Carry up to 150 hours of DVD Movies in Your Pocket -- Manage and Upgrade iPod capabilities -- DVD Movie Transfer Allows you rip and transfer any DVD Movie that users own right to the Video iPod with speed, simplicity and perfect quality.
com, major sponsor Burger King is underwriting free video iPod movies (which involve the Burger King brand, of course).
When asked about how they grade the video iPod, over 60% gave the "maker/brand" 80 points or higher, and over 50% highly rated "capacity," "size," and "design.
Half (52%) of all 0- to 8-year-olds have access to a new mobile device such as a smartphone, video iPod, or iPad/tablet.
Their haul included two black IBM Thinkpad computers worth pounds 600 each, and a white 60-gigabyte video iPod mp3 music player worth pounds 200.
Each winner received an Apple 80GB Video iPod after his or her business card was randomly selected from cards collected during space showings at the nine W&H buildings: 112 West 34th Street, 250 West 57th Street, 501 Seventh Avenue, 1333 Broadway, 1350 Broadway, 1359 Broadway, 1400 Broadway, the Empire State Building and The Lincoln Building (60 East 42nd Street).
TO WIN A VIDEO IPOD collect 5 differently numbered tokens published in your Chronicle, first printed Monday.
This high definition projector integrates a video iPod docking station, which connects the iPod directly to the projector to eliminate the need for a computer to project video content.
The report said the device plays both video and MP3s, and said some who have seen it say the ''quality of the video surpasses that of the video iPod.
continued its quest to dominate content available on Apple's video iPod by making available sports and news programming from ABC and ESPN, including condensed college bowl games, the company announced Tuesday.
264/ACC video capture compatible with the video iPod.
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