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a game played against a computer

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All the while, he filled his spare time playing video games and building robots, which he learned to control using a computer.
Video games were the first popular technology that kids understood but their parents didn't.
Video games provide an invaluable mental workout, says author Steven Johnson.
In May, By a vote of 106 to 6, the Illinois legislature passed a measure banning the sale of "violent" and "sexually explicit" video games to minors.
Students will be taught two popular commercial systems, 3D Studio MAX and Maya, with the addition of two new courses: Texture Mapping, which instructs students on creating three-dimensional models with elements such as skin and hair, and Real Time Narrative, which uses machinima (literally, ``machine cinema'') techniques to construct the video game in real time.
Xbox Live Arcade offers causal gaming to the video game console audience
More than 1,900 members of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, who are seeking a portion of game profits, completed voting Tuesday to decide whether to go on strike against video game companies.
Despite the onslaught of movies released as video games, the titles rarely rank among the top sellers in the $10 billion gaming industry.
Kaump said more people are buying video games because they are selling for less, even though the newer games retail for about $50.
The cubicles, draped in all manner of toys and video game controllers, resemble vendor booths and they're all populated by twenty-somethings wearing baggy cargo pants.
A Plug'N'Play product that connects directly to television sets without the use of a video game console, the game combines the energetic dance gameplay of Konami's Dance Dance Revolution([R]) (DDR) video game series with timeless Disney characters and music.
Industrywide, analysts predict sales of video game hardware and software will grow by 20 percent this year to a total of nearly $14 billion.
Campaign Promotes Greater Awareness of Video Game Ratings and Advances Its "Commitment to Parents" to Restrict Mature-Rated Video Game Sales