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Synonyms for video

the visible part of a television transmission

a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)

(computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display

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Introduction of Video camera Industry: Along with Brief Introduction of Video camera Industry it includes Development of Video camera Industry and Status of Video camera Industry.
Balilo said the video cameras cost around P30,000 each.
In addition, network video cameras with VCA presence provide classification of moving objects (up to 100 simultaneously), track the direction of their movement, as well as control camera abuse actions.
The second part of logical diagram design for surveillance and control functions, allows the calculation of video cameras location take in consideration the distance of the detection and display graphics (symbolic) location of these video cameras in the surveillance areas.
Audio/video cable is necessary to connect the chain of VCRs, as well as the computer to the VCRs and video camera to the computer Cables can be obtained almost anywhere, for as little as $2 each,
A person seeking admittance places a hand in a device that examines it with a video camera and converts the video image to numbers in a computer for comparison with the person's prerecorded hand geometry.
As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, large CCDs for digital cameras used by professional photographers, astronomers and doctors the company can draw on its systems knowledge to create complete video camera solutions with customers.
This cleverly designed PC video camera produced the sharpest images of the two products.
They insulated a 2-inch video camera and lowered it into Old Faithful to map the vent and see what happens there between eruptions.
This is just part of the future forecast for the broadcast / pro video camera market size data and market share report.
PC Video Camera unit sales increased more than 250 percent in November 1999 versus November 1998, making it one of the top three fastest growing categories, according to a November 1999 PC Data Retail Hardware Report released last week.
Fast Track instructors use a standard surveillance video camera with a 12-millimeter lens mounted on a tripod to quickly evaluate the students' shooting problems.
com/research/d76e71/broadcastpro_vide) has announced the addition of the "Broadcast/Pro Video Camera Mounting Systems Report" report to their offering.
The iSight digital video camera works with Apple's iChat AV software to enable video conferences between two Mac users over any broadband connection The camera features a dual-element integrated noise-suppressing microphone and a center mount design that helps improve the clarity of video conversations.
He grabbed a camera from his car to snap pictures of the restroom video camera.