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Synonyms for victor

Synonyms for victor

one that conquers

one that wins a contest or competition


Synonyms for victor

a combatant who is able to defeat rivals

the contestant who wins the contest

References in classic literature ?
It was not until ten o'clock that night that Marechal Victor reached the bank of the river.
Felicite imagined that Havana was a place where people did nothing but smoke, and that Victor walked around among negroes in a cloud of tobacco.
Since a long time the parrot had been on Felicite's mind, because he came from America, which reminded her of Victor, and she had approached the negro on the subject.
Better a thousand times he should be a milksop than what he, Hunsden, calls 'a fine lad;' and moreover she says that if Hunsden were to become a fixture in the neighbourhood, and were not a mere comet, coming and going, no one knows how, when, where, or why, she should be quite uneasy till she had got Victor away to a school at least a hundred miles off; for that with his mutinous maxims and unpractical dogmas, he would ruin a score of children.
I have a word to say of Victor ere I shut this manuscript in my desk--but it must be a brief one, for I hear the tinkle of silver on porcelain.
This time, with the help of Minerva, Menelaus has vanquished me; another time I may myself be victor, for I too have gods that will stand by me.
Victor Lavalle tells us of that historic collision (en plane) on the flank of Hecla between Herrera, then a pillar of the Spanish school, and the man destined to confute his theories and lead him intellectually captive.
said Father Victor, passing all over to Mr Bennett.
Father Victor stepped forward quickly and opened the front of Kim's upper garment.
By mid-afternoon Victor went mad with drink, and wanted to fight everybody and everything.
There is one Pavilion at Monblaisir which Aurelius Victor XV had arranged--a great Prince but too fond of pleasure--and which I am told is a perfect wonder of licentious elegance.
Now, dear Victor, I dare say you wish to be indulged in a little gossip concerning the good people of Geneva.
You and Victor are both profound believers," she said.
Because it is for victors to make conditions, and you are not yet victors, gentlemen.
They had followed some such course in their thoughts too; they had been borne on, victors in the forefront of some triumphal car, spectators of a pageant enacted for them, masters of life.
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