victimless crime

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an act that is legally a crime but that seem to have no victims

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Supt Rich Baker said: "Most people wrongly believe that shoplifting is a victimless crime, whereas our experience tells us that almost three quarters of all people brought into custody and test positive for drugs have been arrested on suspicion of thefts from shops or market stalls.
DI Justin Danher said: "This was not a victimless crime.
Producing pirated music is not victimless crime,'' stated Brad Buckles, the RIAA's executive vice president of anti-piracy.
She said: "In the past couple of years we have really tried to say, this is not a victimless crime
THERE are those who think benefit fraud is a victimless crime.
Like prostitution and illegal gambling, people often view graffiti as a victimless crime.
Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime - it costs consumers thousands of dollars every year through higher premiums," said Edward Moran, Allstate assistant vice-president for Special Investigations.
That should be a warning to others who kid themselves that avoiding tax is a victimless crime.
Far from being a victimless crime, the trade in illicit tobacco has serious consequences for crime and health in the community and causes economic detriment to legitimate local businesses.
It's important to note that shoplifting isn't a victimless crime as many people may think.
The burglars would have us believe it is a victimless crime as they break in just to steal property such as jewellery, cash and electrical items.
Coun Tracey Dixon said: "Sale of illegal tobacco is not a victimless crime.
PC Rich Allen said: "Metal theft is not a victimless crime.
But this incident just shows that it is not a victimless crime and that it impacts on the very heart of the community.
Some people wrongly believe that selling illegal tobacco is a victimless crime and that those who buy it are not doing any harm.