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Synonyms for victimize



Synonyms for victimize

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

to offer as a sacrifice

Synonyms for victimize

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Make sure that you're consistent with staff and campers or you promote the social hierarchy and dominance issues that further victimize campers.
She is surely correct in observing that Zayas's denunciation of male violence in the prologues is contradicted by the novellas themselves, in which women as well as men victimize women.
The supporters of laws against hate crimes argue that such crimes should be disproportionately punished because they victimize more than the victim.
One for Taliban and their sympathizers which is relaxed whenever needed and other for anti-Taliban forces which is used to stifle the voice of opposition and to victimize PPP.
Smith Goes to Washington", aptly characterized as a "fantasy movie", to a sophisticated examination of hate, fear, and the desire prey upon the weak, to the role of identification in victimization--with those who victimize others placing themselves in the role of the powerful oppressor and the victim in the role of their powerless selves --Attack on Government deconstructs popular opinions in a quest for the underlying and often unconscious emotional motives behind their forceful display.
Spin Sisters examines how women in the liberal media attempt to victimize women of America by creating the feeling of, and then preying on, hectic schedules, stress levels, and health issues.