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We were the ones who were victimised and taken in armoured vehicles,' Zardari said.
A total of 16% of Catholics felt they had been victimised by staff because of their religion compared to 11% of Protestants.
The NGO argued that the issue affected a large number of men, who are vulnerable in getting victimised by the women, who at times file false rape and domestic violence cases.
Google is knowingly allowing vast and pervasive copyright infringement and violation of privacy rights against these women, who are being repeatedly violated, exploited and victimised.
Financial scams that victimised thousands of Filipinos have taken place before.
The statement further said that the people who present the facts against the public officials were victimised and the state machinery and resources were utilised against them.
He said he was labelled a "black b***" by officers and was driven to stress and depression after he was victimised by CPS bosses.
It has asked the Centre to make necessary changes in the Bill to ensure that Muslims are not victimised in the event of terrorist activities in the country.
Dr Tom Dolphin, vice-chairman of the BMA's junior doctors' committee, said: "No-one should be victimised for raising a concern.
Business secretary Lord Mandelson said: "People should not be victimised at work or denied access to employment opportunities because of their trade union membership.
Almost eight in 10 (78%) said they feared being victimised or seeing a negative effect on their career if they spoke out about poor practices on patient safety.
The GCC countries and the rest of the world should not be victimised.
RED RAGE: Sproule says he is being victimised by Dougal
AN IRISH man who is being charged B&B for time spent in prison for a murder he didn't commit claims his family are being victimised by the police.
William Hetherington, a former economist at the Water Industry Commissioner for Scotland, claimed Sutherland ignored his objections to offensive jokes told by a Protestant minister, then victimised and sacked him.