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Synonyms for vicissitude

something that obstructs progress and requires great effort to overcome

Words related to vicissitude

a variation in circumstances or fortune at different times in your life or in the development of something

mutability in life or nature (especially successive alternation from one condition to another)

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Simon in a historical relational analysis of the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm, finds vulnerability to be vicissitudinous, mutable and spatially uneven, which gains momentum and actively inscribes onto hillsides in the process of landscape transition from 'effectual' (desired) to 'affectual' (consequential) state.
and A House Not Meant to Stand--recall Period of Adjustment in thematically declaring low-mimetic comedy inadequate to the representation of vicissitudinous human desire.
Here is also the key to the psychodynamics of Yagwoia maleness and its actualisation in the dialectics of sexuation as the vicissitudinous processs of separation and individuation A full-length exploration of polygamous intersubjectivity I'll pursue in a separate work.
Still, it might be argued that changes in rhetorical patterns should be expected even in these genres since rhetoric expresses politics, and politics is deliquescent and vicissitudinous.
He traces his hero's vicissitudinous life from the trauma the four-year-old suffered when witnessing his father's arrest by Nazi storm troopers (a shock from which Muller never fully recovered), via the various serious plights and predicaments of the budding and later accomplished writer under the party regime of the erstwhile German Democratic Republic, to the triumphant culmination of Muller's career in the 1980s and early 1990s, when he was showered with all sorts of prizes and awards, elected president of the Akademie der Kunste in Berlin, and appointed Kunstlerischer Leiter (artistic director) of Brecht's world-renowned theater, the Berliner Ensemble.