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Synonyms for viciously

in a vicious manner

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So unexpected had been my act that it found him and his fellow unprepared; but instantly the latter drew the knife that protruded from his belt and lunged viciously at me, at the same time giving voice to a wild cry of alarm.
"Why did you wickedly and viciously send the Rain of Stones to crack and break our houses?" he continued.
When the other young ones gathered around to tease, he joined with me in attacking them; and so viciously did we behave that before long I was let alone.
I wouldn't,' said Miggs viciously, 'no, not for five-and-forty pound!'
The girl fought to release herself from the horrid embrace of the maniac, but with his left arm about her he held her as easily as though she had been but a babe, while with his free hand he drew his saber and struck viciously at those nearest him.
Following the attack Muslims were being viciously tortured by the extremists in India, occupied Kashmir, while Pakistani inmates were also under threat.
Following the Pulwama attack, Muslims are being viciously tortured by the extremists in India, occupied Kashmir, while Pakistani inmates are also under threat.
A man was visiting a friend, whose house was located in the 6600 block of 1st Avenue in Indian Trail, when he was "viciously attacked" by the dogs around 4:15 a.m.
The Pittsburgh terrorist attack, Trump's response, and the way the Left Media then hit him viciously anyway may be the "Rosetta Stone" historians will use to decipher that Trump was right to call the Fake News Left Media the "enemy of the people."
The woman was viciously attacked as she was taking part in voluntary work at the Chorlton cemetery.
SINGER Sinead O'Connor has written to her family apologising for "viciously" insulting them during a breakdown last year.
A court heard Capt Gold sprang into action after seeing lover Martin Edwards, 43, and friend Gary Pincott, 55, viciously beat her unconscious and roll her into the river.
The 38-year-old Bahraini "viciously" beat his son between 2006 and 2009, according to High Criminal Court documents.