vicious cycle

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one trouble leads to another that aggravates the first

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Just as a vicious cycle compounds the negative, a virtuous cycle compounds the positive, making future progress easier and easier.
Great posts come with great 'rewards', from vibrant comments to hundreds of likes, which, in my opinion, are the fire that keeps this vicious cycle alive, as they fill our egos and erase any insecurities, making us feel loved and accepted in society.
"It's a vicious cycle where you're getting more work piled on to you and more pressure to get it done quicker with less back-up and less people.
It's a vicious cycle and I just want to get out of that cycle."
"It's a vicious cycle and I just want to get out of that cycle and enjoy it more and not put too much on winning, especially in the bigger tournaments."
Instead of targeting beta-amyloid itself, the researchers believe that targeting a protein called Dkk1 -- which stimulates production of beta-amyloid -- could be a better way to halt the progress of Alzheimer's disease by disrupting the vicious cycle of beta-amyloid production and synapse loss.
The vicious cycle of smuggling is dragging the Philippine economy down, Senator Richard Gordon, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, lamented on Monday.
It becomes a vicious cycle - feeling like a failure, punishing yourself for letting yourself go and then bingeing.
[USA], Nov 19 (ANI): A team of researchers has shed some light on the vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring.
Additionally, mental health issues and alcohol dependency predicted higher levels of financial stress and vice versa, suggesting the possibility of a vicious cycle occurring.
The vicious cycle keeps getting worse as stress levels rise."
The problem with avoidance is that although it provides short-term relief, we feel just as anxious the next time we're faced with the situation and so a vicious cycle of avoidance and anxiety occurs.
Elaine Gottschall, in her 1994 book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, hypothesized that the consumption of disaccharide-containing foods not only exacerbates symptoms in many patients with Crohn's disease but also plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the disease.
5 September 2014 - US video game publisher Little Orbit LLC has closed the acquisition of domestic sector player Vicious Cycle Software Inc, the buyer announced in a statement, without revealing the financial terms of the deal.
They agreed to work for preventing the situation from sliding into a vicious cycle of violence which could lead only to loss of more lives.