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a district or province governed by a viceroy

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The study of the Bourbon dynasty festivals in the Viceroyalty of New Spain in Latin America makes it possible to see the rhetoric of identity and the role of history much more clearly than in other Hispanic territories.
Organised chronologically, the Pinacoteca's galleries took the visitor through three centuries of painting in New Spain, beginning with the works of the European-born and -trained painters who introduced Western pictorial formats and media to the viceroyalty in the 16th century.
Examining the chain that linked him to his correspondents, it becomes clear that the Bibliotheca Mexicana was not the product of one Novohispanic scholar and his individual distinguished correspondents, but of many individuals of different ranks spread out across the Viceroyalty.
Lord Mountbatten after joining the Viceroyalty of India started the work on the Partition of India Plan.
In 1542, the Viceroyalty of Peru was established, with authority over most of Spanish-ruled South America.
Conclusion Viceroyalty was so eyecatching at Epsom that I wouldn't want to oppose him.
During the 16th century, Spain occupied the region and established a Viceroyalty.
The later story of the rejection of the Cabinet Mission Plan, the Direct Action Day, the interim government and the final negotiations during the viceroyalty of Lord Mountbatten are well known.
More precisely, the decree removed most of the trans Andean territory from the viceroyalty of Nueva Granada and its captaincy general of Quito and transferred it to the viceroyalty of Peru.
This rather ambiguous view of the viceroyalty was made even more acute by the conduct of several figures who occupied the office during the late sixteenth century.
Maume then explores the rise of public hostility to any form of British connection to Ireland with the case study of the failure of welfare viceroyalty under Lord and Lady Aberdeen in the Edwardian period.
By 1505, Portugal founded the 'Portuguese State of India' as a viceroyalty of the Kingdom of Portugal.
During the early colonial period, Mexico, then known as the viceroyalty of New Spain, became a lucrative center for Trans-Atlantic enslavement.
Among the topics are the Irish chief governors 1541-1641, governance and the viceroyalty during the late 17th and early 18th centuries, cultural and literary patronage 1660-1780, the question of what the Irish viceroyalty was for, and Lords French and FitzAlan at the lodge 1918-22.