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a deputy or assistant to someone bearing the title of chancellor

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The protesting faculty have been calling for the removal of Vice Chancellor Dr Javed Ashraf, declaring him incompetent.
People are objecting that now the Chief Minister has become appointing authority of vice chancellors of universities instead of Governor but they should know that the CM is more capable and competent of appointing vice chancellors as he is the elected representative and answerable to people of Sindh and provides billions of rupees as grant to varsities while Governor is a Federal nominee whose action can't be discussed in the Provincial Assembly.
Pay rises were also given to vice chancellors at Leicester University and De Montfort University.
The newly appointed vice chancellors and President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce termed their attachment with Quaid-i-Azam University as one of best experience of their life.
Vice Chancellor stressed on the teachers to produce morally integrated and honest educated people to serve the nation with full devotion.
Professor Chris Higgins, who has been vice chancellor at Durham for seven years, will step down on September 30 this year.
He informed them that he has asked Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal to convene a conference of Central University vice chancellors, so that problems affecting higher education in the country can be discussed in detail.
The governor while thanking all the participants especially welcomed the new vice chancellor of Agriculture University.
Professor David Halton, vice chancellor of the university, whose main campus is at Treforest, is now the fourth highest paid academic in Wales.
LANGUAGE campaigners are concerned at Bangor University's decision not to seek a Welsh speaker or learner for its next Vice Chancellor.
A spokesman for Warwick University said: "Warwick is fifth in the national rankings but the vice chancellor is 18th in the list so we are getting amazingly good value for money.
SYLMAR - Mission College President Adriana Barrera has been named senior vice chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District, officials said Thursday.
The university has awarded its vice chancellor the third highest rise in the country.
Vice Chancellor Donald Parsons of the Delaware Chancery Court issued the decision yesterday, which resolves the longstanding dispute between Sprint Nextel and these affiliates relating to the merger between Sprint and Nextel.