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the religious institution under the authority of a vicar

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Tom knows very well the number of Indian priests working in the Vicariate of Southern Arabia; hence an Indian priest is always respected and valuable in this region; therefore it is evident that he has been brainwashed or forcibly tutored to speak against Pope Francis, Bishop Paul Hinder and other authorities.
Specific topics covered include oThe Social Outcome of the Hussite Revolution,o oNational and Linguistic Disputes in the Bohemian Vicariate of the Observant Franciscans,o and oThe Transformation of Bohemian Religious Brotherhoods in the Early Modern Period.
Held on 14 July 2015 at the Grand Yordanos Hotel, the event brought together policy makers and faith leaders, including Sheikh Abdallah Mangala Luaba, Grand Mufti of the Democratic Republic of Congo; Bishop Abraham Desta, Apostolic Vicar of Meki Vicariate, Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar; and Iteffa Gobena Molte, Ecumenical Envoy to the African Union, All African Conference of Churches (AACC).
It was created in 1846 out of the Vicariate Apostolic of the Oregon Territory, elevated to an archdiocese in 1903, then lowered to a diocese in 1908 when the metropolitan see was moved to Vancouver.
Catholic leaders then decided to move the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia from Kuwait to Bahrain, making the kingdom their new regional headquarters.
It is also being shown in 3D at hundreds of cinemas across the world from Francis's native Argentina to Lebanon and is being live tweeted by the Vatican's vicariate of Rome under the hashtag #2popesaints.
Once the church has been completed, Bishop Camillo Ballin is to transfer the seat of the Roman Catholic Church's Vicariate of Northern Arabia from Kuwait to Bahrain.
Si, Quiero, [Spanish for 'Yes I Do'] an installation of 16 shots depicting same-sex couples kissing in front of the altar of different churches, had to be covered up after the Vicariate of Rome threatened to sue the art gallery.
lt;<"Papa est nomen iurisdictionis": Augustinus Triumphus and the papal vicariate of Christ>>, JThS 8 (1957) 71-91.
The Antwerp vicariate, alerted to the troubling situation, assigned three canons of the local Saint-Gummarus chapter to exorcise the girls: Peeter vander Vorst, Egbert vander Geest, and Jan van Craenendonck.
A total of 17 religious educational institutions were established in Rome between 1815 and 1870 at the request of popes or under authorization granted by the Vicariate in response to specific requests by individuals and charities.
And to mark the celebration head teacher Harry Rowan and pupils welcomed Diocesan Vicariate for Schools and Evangelisation, John Wilson.
Basil; it was explicitly reaffirmed when the Western Rite Vicariate of the Syrian Archdiocese was created from the Basilians society in 1961.
But for logistical and pastoral reasons, the Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia, Messenger Camillo Ballin, the local Bishop in charge of the Catholic Church in Kuwait "will be moving the scat of the local Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia to Manama, Bahrain, while maintaining his residence in Kuwait, " said the embassy.