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a long stiff hair growing from the snout or brow of most mammals as e

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The onset of recovery for both vibrissae orientation and eye blink reflex occurred within a few days.
The moderate length and thickness of its vibrissae suggest that the animal did not have semiaquatic or arboreal habits, because semiaquatic rodents have relatively short and bristly vibrissae while arboreal rodents have long and thin vibrissae.
A cat's whiskers are called vibrissae and it has four of them, which it uses to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through.
Edwards (1946) accurately described neonate Mexican ground squirrels as pink, blind, hairless, and marked by vibrissae and comparatively well-developed forelimbs.
The "mustache" of the walrus is made up of about 700 sensitive hairs called vibrissae.
By uniquely representing frequency information, this new map in the brain may also allow rats to 'hear' with their vibrissae, or to sense subtle changes in wind currents related to, for example, an oncoming cat or an owl flapping its wings as it hunts the animal.
25; orbital plate parallel to eye margin and shiny yellow; frons yellowish brown; ocellar triangle blackish brown; posterior part of head pale orange, except for silver pollinose whitish area around supracervical black setulae; face yellowish without spots, slightly protuberant in middle; cheek brownish yellow; area posterior to vibrissae dark brown maculate, remaining part yellowish.
Transplantation of OECs into axotomized facial nerve has been shown to enhance axonal sprouting [72-73] and promote the recovery of vibrissae motor performance [74].
The infrequency of nasal tuberculosis might be explained by the protection afforded by ciliary movement, the bactericidal action of nasal secretions, and the filtering provided by the nasal vibrissae.
23), slightly wider than long, frons length/width ratio: 50:55 (HT), markedly wider at vertex than at ventral margin; arista with 8 long dorsal branches and 3 ventral branches in addition to terminal fork; face with narrow silver fascia (adjacent to eye margin); 1 pair of weak vibrissae inserted on posterior lateral margin and 10 much finer setae bordering genal groove; occiput grey pruinose throughout; gena narrow, eye height/ genal height ratio: 9:1 (HT), silver pruinose, slightly dirty yellow beyond basal angle; palpus brown.