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a long stiff hair growing from the snout or brow of most mammals as e

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Vibrissa, and by default Minimus - Latin for smallest - belong to fort commander Flavius Cerialis, his wife Sulpicia Lepidina and their children - real characters we know about from the famous writing tablets unearthed in excavations at the fort.
Neural Correlates of Vibrissa Resonance: Band-Pass and Somatotopic Representation of High-Frequency Stimuli" reveals that rat whiskers act like strings on a harp--they vibrate when they are 'plucked' by sensory stimuli.
Vibrissal angle relatively obtuse; vibrissa strong, located above the level of lower eye margin.
5% formalin into the right vibrissa pad, using a 27-gauze needle (Clavelou et al.
Vibrissa long, strong, and inserted at level of lower facial margin; vibrissal angle weakly projected or not projected forward, at the midway between level of lower margin of eye and lower margin of gena.