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a long stiff hair growing from the snout or brow of most mammals as e

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1983) Quantitative studies of stimulus coding in first-order vibrissa afferents of rats.
Paper topics include silent neurons in sensomotor cortices and their implications for cortical plasticity, the Vibrissa resonance hypothesis, spatial and temporal roles underlying rat barrel cones plasticity, cortical evidence, perceptual learning and referral in the tactile system, the effects of sensory deprivation in sensory function of the SI barrel cortex, the role of plasticity in sensomotor transformations, neural plasticity in the adult motor cortex, reorganization of the motor cortex after damage in the motor system, and a behavioral basis of focal hand dystonia through aberrant learning in the somatosensory cortex.
Minimus Secundus lives at Vindolanda Roman fort in Northumberland, where he spars with the cat Vibrissa - Latin for whiskers.
Neural Correlates of Vibrissa Resonance: Band-Pass and Somatotopic Representation of High-Frequency Stimuli" reveals that rat whiskers act like strings on a harp--they vibrate when they are 'plucked' by sensory stimuli.
Vibrissal angle relatively obtuse; vibrissa strong, located above the level of lower eye margin.
Physical examination demonstrated, burnt vestibular vibrissa in all twenty patients, and fine moist rales on lung examination in 12 patients (60%).
5% formalin into the right vibrissa pad, using a 27-gauze needle (Clavelou et al.