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having the character of a loud deep sound

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The collective also founded the Vibrancy Group - consisting of the Bridges Shopping Centre, Gentoo, Sunderland AFC, Sunderland BID, Sunderland College, Sunderland Live and the University of Sunderland - which, supported by Sunderland City Council, works to promote the city's most positive aspects.
As a result of this economic vibrancy, our growth rate has been consistently higher than the national growth rate during the 11th five-year plan.
I'm always trying to find unique ways to reflect the vibrancy of the region while at the same time preserve its heritage," Primeau said.
A gang/group of skateboarders or opposing football teams in a pitched battle would give the square vibrancy, but the possibly the wrong sort of vibrancy - like the screen and the beach.
A fun, vigorous text filled with insights and activities for students, Croze's work remains faithful to African vibrancy.
That when we create happiness and vibrancy within our lives we are better able to adapt to life's inevitable stresses and changes.
PureOlogy Serious Colour Care, Irvine, CA, uses Nano Technology to enhance hair color vibrancy, strengthen, moisturize and improve hair conditions.
Full-color illustrations by Yongsheng Xuan blend a feel for traditional Chinese art with vibrancy and energy bursting off of the page.
This housing in Trondheim, Norway's third largest city, is an imaginative response to the vibrancy and enterprise of the local alternative lifestyle movement.
Walcott captures the vibrancy and human condition of each town.
Her vibrancy, dramatic range, and willowy elegance--as described by Hedy Weiss in "Born to Be Wild"--make her a classical ballerina of the highest order.
Others, however, may find this work remarkably helpful in constructing New Testament theologies, in reconstructing the vibrancy of early Christianity, and in probing the intersection of Christianity with the magics of today.
With profound vibrancy, IOKASTE magically transports the reader into the ancient world of Greek mythology.
The spectacular red feathers of certain parrots owe their vibrancy to a rare set of pigments found nowhere else in nature, a new study suggests.
The vibrancy of the Church in London is largely due to the involvement of incoming migrants so often lacks vibrancy.