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Synonyms for viands

a stock or supply of foods

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But you are not required to abstain from the substantial dinner of to-day: you are only advised to partake of these coarser viands in such moderation as not to incapacitate you from enjoying the choicer banquet of to-morrow.
Grimaud understood that it was to be a breakfast on the grass, took the basket, packed up the viands, added the bottles, and then took the basket on his arm.
An idea now occurred to Captain Bonneville, to convert this rainbow garment into the savory viands so much desired.
The wall of my prison was of clearest glass--behind the glass were the tantalizing viands.
So the Sheriff sat him down again, with the best face he could assume, and soon the cook's viands were disappearing down his gullet as rapidly as the next man's.
said he, setting down his bag and the parcel of viands.
Those stately fellows in baggy trowsers and turbaned fezzes brought in a dinner which consisted of roast mutton, roast chicken, roast goose, potatoes, bread, tea, pudding, apples, and delicious grapes; the viands were better cooked than any we had eaten for weeks, and the table made a finer appearance, with its large German silver candlesticks and other finery, than any table we had sat down to for a good while, and yet that polite dragoman, Abraham, came bowing in and apologizing for the whole affair, on account of the unavoidable confusion of getting under way for a very long trip, and promising to do a great deal better in future!
The next day Sarah showed Schulenberg a neat card on which the menu was beautifully typewritten with the viands temptingly marshalled under their right and proper heads from "hors d'oeuvre" to "not responsible for overcoats and umbrellas.
I wish some well-fed philosopher, whose meat and drink turn to gall within him; whose blood is ice, whose heart is iron; could have seen Oliver Twist clutching at the dainty viands that the dog had neglected.
That gentleman readily consenting, certain cold viands, flanked with ale and wine, were speedily prepared for his refreshment.
One of the viands served during the contest was "vegetables with pancit" -not "pancit with vegetables" - to highlight that the town produces the bulk of the highland vegetables.
First was the Governor's Ball where the stars feasted on Wolfgang Puck's delicious viands and snacks.
Once operational, it will produce fully cooked viands and heat-and-serve meals that will serve growing consumer demand for convenient, nutritious meals differentiated by home-cooked taste, rich quality and the highest levels of food safety,' the company said.
An innovation being tested is the packaging of corn meal and viands.
Viands under this category include processed foods like meats/fish, hotdogs, sausage, burger patties, chicken nuggets, and tocino.