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bridge consisting of a series of arches supported by piers used to carry a road (or railroad) over a valley

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Work on the electrification of the main line between Barking and Gospel Oaks in Greater London would begin soon, while work to strengthen the viaducts on the North West Electrification programme at Middleton (pictured) has been completed.
The first phase of this specialist work to save the viaduct has been taken on over the past few days as abseiling contractors Up and Under Ltd were commissioned to survey the landmark and remove vegetation on its sides.
The man appeared to fall from the top of the viaduct, which is 120 feet at its highest point.
He informed that Austrian company Porr was conducting the repair of the viaduct near Tserovo of the Trakia motorway under a contract worth BGN 7.
The pedestrian viaduct parallels the roadway all the way around scenic Crown Point, a National Natural Landmark, and the Vista House, a 1916 structure housing a museum and gift shop.
Now, Zoe, 20, has returned to the Kielder Viaduct to see her owl design as part of celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the event which saw the ironwork panels added to the 1862 structure.
But because the viaduct is grade II-star listed, the task had to be carried out without affecting the appearance of the bridge.
The Taraf daily reported on Wednesday that inspectors from the Ministry of Labor had failed to conduct the required safety audits at viaduct column number 35, where the three workers died.
It is 100 years or so since work was completed to bury the viaduct after it was found to be unstable due to subsidence.
0052 GMT) on a 30-meter-high viaduct in Sanmenxia City.
However five bridges, a viaduct and a tunnel between Bethesda and Tregarth remained within the ownership of the British Rail Property Board (BRB).
The path will be on a raised viaduct built on a steep, narrow strip of land between Franklin and the river.
A SIGHTSEER was almost hit by a train after he strolled on to a railway line to take a picture of the famous viaduct featured in the Harry Potter films.