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Synonyms for viable

Synonyms for viable

capable of occurring or being done

Synonyms for viable

capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

capable of life or normal growth and development

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Patna (Bihar) [India] August 14 ( ANI ): 'One election, One nation' is theoretically correct but viably impossible option, said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday.
However, there are exceptional contenders with regards to building up an eye-getting website and making it work viably or perform quick and simple multi-entrusting.
BOI has demonstrated that a development bank can viably deliver on its mandate.
The CS100 will also double the range that can be flown viably from LCY, opening new routes for airlines and passengers."
Jordan sees the new solar PV plant as a success model that will further advance commercially viably renewable energy projects at the level of service facilities, and help meet the growing demand on energy in the region in addition to boosting the share of renewables in the overall energy mix.
Wade decision that legalized abortion until the time a fetus could viably survive outside the womb.
A spokesman said: "Regretfully the club's finances and forecast income are insufficient to continue operating viably and the decision to cease trading was made during November.
In the U.S., "Legend" may viably be marketed two ways by the currently indomitable Universal: as a lavishly violent genre outing and as a more prestigious awards vehicle for its duplicated leading man.
Our investment into the latest black technology allows us to now viably compete for this product, providing both our superior ductile, sacrificial coating and the necessary aesthetics required on visual product."
A message on the island's community Facebook page said: "With such a small community, this is the only way our shop can be viably run to provide a service to locals and visitors.
These entities, independently and separately, will not be able to capture the full value of the storage to viably support the magnitude of investment."
In selecting the winner, the Creating Shared Value Council will be looking for an entry that is innovative, applies environmentally sustainable practices, has demonstrated results on a small scale and can be viably scaled-up to help improve people's lives.
It's a shared network alliance between NetAmerica and Sprint to bring scale, spectrum resources, national reach and leading LTE technology to our members, giving them the opportunity to viably build and operate 4G LTE networks in their rural communities.
The study determined that port development can be viably achieved with private investment and that Port Clarence would be an ideal staging area for oil and gas exploration in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.