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Synonyms for viable

Synonyms for viable

capable of occurring or being done

Synonyms for viable

capable of being done with means at hand and circumstances as they are

capable of life or normal growth and development

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"Given that we ourselves can no longer make the business viable despite our long-standing reputation as one of the best facilities in the UK, it is no surprise that an apparently competent management team made such a loss.
'We are in the early days of a new era for fixed wireless which will see it move to become a viable alternative not only in rural areas,' said Els Baert, Director of Technology Strategy, NetComm, a leading developer of Fixed Wireless CPE devices.
The available credit is largely not accessible because of the dire lack of viable loan proposals.
Rebecca Minors, Assistant Community Sport Development Manager, has said the changes were in order to provide a session led by a qualified coach at a peak time, which meant the session had to be viable by guaranteeing a suitable level of attendance.
The SBI chairperson said that there is a cost involved in opening PMJDY accounts and these costs will have to get amortised over a period of time till the accounts turn viable. "We are already working on it with the government.
Kenya-based NIC Bank is planning to launch operations in commercially viable locations.
Uptake Mechanism of Cd by Viable and Non-viable biomass:
The commissioner said that 8 member KCR committee would finalize its recommendations based on ground realities and viable options regarding KCR in its third and final meeting, set to be held on coming Wednesday.
Experts believe that in order for the project to be viable, other exploration companies with licenses within the Cyprus exclusive economic zone (EEZ), French Total and the Italian-Korean joint venture ENI-Kogas, would also have to build a liquefaction train at the terminal.
According to the National Iranian Gas Co., the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline is the most viable option for India to meet its growing energy demand.
BEARS chairman Norman Gascoigne believes a return for the county to an outground in the forseeable future is "not viable."
Ian Miller has been running the convenience store in Longhorsley for the last three years and has always had his daily loaves delivered by Kingsmill but the 61-year-old, who orders about 60 loaves a week, has been told that making deliveries to his shop is no longer economically viable and will cease as of April 9, although the delivery van will continue to pass yards from his door every day.
Induction of multiple pregnancies by superovulation in sheep, offers reasonably possibilities to obtain both, viable and non-viable conceptuses for comparative studies [15].
As part of the restructuring, the viable Irish general insurance part of QIL has been sold to a joint venture between the US insurer Liberty Mutual and Anglo Irish Bank, while the non-viable UK operations will be wound down.
Summary: New York - the Union of Comoros said, on Friday at the UN's headquarters in New York, that the status quo in the Sahara is "inacceptable" and commended Morocco's autonomy initiative as a "concrete, serious, viable and wise option".