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(of living things) capable of normal growth and development

capable of being done in a practical and useful way

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SCBK's Long-Term IDR is equalised with the Viability Rating of SCB and its ultimate parent, Standard Chartered PLC (SC, A+/Negative/a).
Cell viability was assessed in AD model for the different doses of A[beta], nesfatin-1, A[beta] + nesfatin-1.
MassMutual said it has acquired substantially all the assets of Viability Advisory Group as part of a strategy to help financial advisors quantify the value of employee retirement readiness and appropriate benefits plans use to employers' bottom lines.
The rating agency looks at the operating environment and viability factors the financial profile factors are considered in assigning ratings.
The concentration threshold at which the compound significantly affects viability is termed "cytotoxic concentration.
For the Latvian business the main vitality factors are revealed to be: human resources and physical capital, financial viability, strategies of enterprises, communication network, market, clients, competitors, efficiency of usage of human resources and physical capital, as well as external factors.
chroococcum C26 in dry polymers, and observed that alginate and carrageenin are suitable polymers to maintain the viability and activity of A.
Among the basic studies necessary at all the stages of a breeding program, such as that of Brachiaria, the evaluations of aspects related to pollen fertility and viability are essential to ensure success in controlled hybridizations (VALLE et al.
Studies on stored pollen viability are more numerous in species of temperate and subtropical climates, such as pepper, onion, elephant grass, pearl millet, peach, citrus, papaya, banana, grape, pistachio, garlic, rose, wheat and castor bean (SHAKED et al.
The viability of probiotics--their ability to live and germinate--often decreases throughout the time they are in storage.
The Choice of Viability as a Central Time Marker in Roe and Casey
LAST week the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) published the first industry guidance of its kind, Financial Viability in Planning.
Egg viability in birds declines with increasing length of the delay in the start of incubation (ie, incubation delay) and may be influenced by microbial infection and exposure of eggs to temperatures above physiological zero (>24[degrees]C).