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Synonyms for veto

Synonyms for veto

to prevent or forbid authoritatively

Synonyms for veto

a vote that blocks a decision

the power or right to prohibit or reject a proposed or intended act (especially the power of a chief executive to reject a bill passed by the legislature)

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(47.) David Reaume, Line-item Veto a Powerful Deterrent, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS (Jan.
may override a regular veto without introducing new legislation.
Palace says 'end endo' bill will be refiled but with some changes !-- -- Alexis Romero ( - August 5, 2019 - 9:21pm MANILA, Philippines The security of tenure bill, which was vetoed by President Rodrigo Duterte due to provisions that are disadvantageous to employers, is still a priority of the administration, Malacaaang said Monday.
The Malacanang confirmed last Friday that the bill, which seeks to end labor contracting scheme, was vetoed by the President.
The House will be reconvening this coming Friday to vote on the second veto.
After being shown a purported copy of the veto message as obtained by the from sources, Panelo said: 'Wait for the of statement tomorrow, whether signed or vetoed.'
Labor groups were also disappointed by President Duterte's veto of the bill.
I'll veto it three times over and maybe four just to make the point that this is not what New Hampshire is about."
The House of Delegates voted 96-43 to override Hogan's veto.
Following is a summary of some of the legislation that was taken up this Fall Veto Session:
Raimondo stated in her veto message she believes the legislation needs additional work, and she looks forward to working with the sponsors and advocates on a bill they can propose next year.
(Courtesy UN) New York: Russia has vetoed the US draft resolution calling to investigate and condemn the Syrian regime for bombing Douma near Damascus with chemical weapons.
The US veto against a Security Council draft resolution rejecting Trump's recognition of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as the capital of Israeli occupation and moving the US embassy to it, was not unexpected, and it comes at a time when several Arab sides including Al Saud are showing submission to their American overlords.
Theres money in the coffers allowing the Legislature to continue to function until a new session begins, and the governors line-item veto did not violate the Minnesota Constitution by effectively abolishing the Legislature, the Supreme Court said Nov.
Kate Brown gave notice Tuesday of her intent to veto two bills, plus four appropriations-bill line items, approved by the 2017 Legislature.