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There have been exhibited: samples of red and Polish wheat, barley, millet, oat, two-row barely, vetchling, but also 93 forestry species collected from the Domain's forest, arranged on 48 boards; 0.
Upland meadow flowers include wood crane's-bill, lady's mantle, pignut, globe flower, red clover, meadow vetchling, great burnet, ragged robin, melancholy thistle, meadow buttercup, selfheal, ribwort plantain, common knapweed, rough hawkbit, meadow saxifrage, devil's-bit scabious, sneezewort and common sorrel.
No longer uniform green, it is a patchwork quilt of colours; the yellows of meadow vetchling mix with pink patches of spotted orchids and the creamy-white effervescence of marsh bedstraw.
Furthermore, the pattern CvCCCCvCC is, somewhat surprisingly, the twelfth most productive of all the 9-letter C patterns, forming the basis of words which include: BANDSTAND, CATCHMENT, DITCHLESS, FETCHLING, GOLDCREST, HUNCHBACK, JOHNSWORT, KICKSHAWS, LOCKSMITH, MALTSTERS, NIGHTFALL, PATCHWORK, QINGCHENG (in China), RATCHMENT, SUBSCRIPT, TOWNSFOLK, VETCHLING, WATCHWORD, XINGZHONG (in China), ZOLLPFUND (w2).
Meanwhile, out in Netherton, on an area of grassy rubble near Dunnings Bridge Road, David Bryant found 680 bee orchids, two pyramidal orchids and a large concentration of grass vetchling, complete with crimson flowers and grass-like leaves.
These are betony, cowslip, meadow cranesbill, lady's bedstraw, meadow vetchling, red clover, meadow sweet, common spotted orchid, eyebright, common dog violet, knapweed and devil's-bit scabious.
Abundant wild flowers include marsh and spotted orchids, lousewort, yellow rattle, bird's-foot trefoil, meadow vetchling, tufted vetch, devil's-bit scabious, betony and knapweed, which attract hosts of bees and butterflies such as ringlets, meadow and hedge browns, small skippers and common blues.
All flowering plants, including cowslips, red clover, yarrow and yellow vetchling, will be collected over a one-year period and provide a snapshot of the changes over 150 years.
Following on from rare grass vetchling, crown vetch has been discovered on the site of an old factory near Switch Island, previously only known at Aigburth Station in the 1933 Flora of the Liverpool Region.