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any of various climbing plants of the genus Vicia having pinnately compound leaves that terminate in tendrils and small variously colored flowers

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And while like all Swans fans I'll be brimming with pride as the players step out on Saturday teatime, part of me will travel back in time to The Vetch.
The results of the project are beginning to show, with the kidney vetch continuing to grow steadily over the last two years and this year producing a wonderful display of flowers.
A secondary objective was to evaluate sowing vetch in rotation with cotton over a long period on black root-rot incidence in cotton seedlings.
The incorporation of untreated common vetch seeds to more than 20% in layer and 15% in broiler diets decreased their performance (Gul et al.
With the bulldozers finally doing their worst this week, Britton joined fellow long-serving Swan Alan Tate to take a last glimpse at the Vetch and soak up the memories.
The K was calculated as K = (K oat x K vetch) K oat = {Yab Zba} / {(Yaa - Yab) Zab} K vetch = {Yba Zab} /{(Ybb - Yba)Zba} Where Zab is sown proportion of oat in intercropping, Zba is sown proportion of vetch in intercropping, Yab is the yield of oat in intercropping, Yba is the yield of vetch in intercropping, Yaa is the yield of oat in monocropping and Ybb is the yield of vetch in intercopping.
Key words: crown vetch poisoning, Coronilla varia, nitrotoxin, [beta]-nitropropionic acid, neurotoxicity, avian, budgerigar, Melopsittacus undulatus
But he insisted: "I have a year remaining on my Vetch deal and I would listen to an offer to extend this if it was offered.
The vetch system has been around for decades among farmers practicing environment-friendly agriculture.
There is national pride at stake today at the Vetch but for both teams there is also the matter of vital points.
In fall of 1997 we planted five acres of hairy vetch on mostly poor ground foul with weeds that wouldn't grow anything else.
This pilot course is run by the Vocational Training Charitable Trust, Vetch, which featured on a government committee to draw up a new NVQ-style certificate to teach the basics of tattooing and piercing.
NEWCASTLE and Leeds entertain pay-per-view viewers tonight, but the proper football is found down at The Vetch as the Worthington Cup begins, writes Steve Palmer.
Kate Vetch, of Windermere Avenue, Nuneaton, triumphed in the Frank Richards Vocal Competition, held in Birmingham.