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any of various climbing plants of the genus Vicia having pinnately compound leaves that terminate in tendrils and small variously colored flowers

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I saw the great man on just two occasions - both at the Vetch Field in Wales versus Northern Ireland British Championship matches," he said in 2005, before his passing in 2016.
And while like all Swans fans I'll be brimming with pride as the players step out on Saturday teatime, part of me will travel back in time to The Vetch.
Vetch was inoculated with Rhizobium leguminosarium bio var viciae inoculant having 5 A- 108 rhizobial cells g-1 (Stimuplant CC, Zwavelpoort 0036, SA), at planting.
The results of the project are beginning to show, with the kidney vetch continuing to grow steadily over the last two years and this year producing a wonderful display of flowers.
1] vetch in treatments LO+RG, CO+RG, LO+V and CO+V; in treatments LO+RG+V and CO+RG+V, the amounts were 50 kg [ha.
In the current systems of fallowing-wheat crop rotation, applied in the province, annual leguminous plants including vetch, fodder peas and Alexandria clover are mixed with oats, barley or triticale in cultivation.
The incorporation of untreated common vetch seeds to more than 20% in layer and 15% in broiler diets decreased their performance (Gul et al.
The treatments included seed proportions of oat (cv W99-153) and vetch (cv 5127D) as follows: 100:0 (100% oat), 0:100 (100% vetch), 50:50 (50% oat + 50% vetch) and 50:75 (50% oat + 75% vetch).
The findings described here therefore suggest that hemorrhages linked to hairy vetch poisoning may be caused by myelophthisis secondary to histiocytic infiltration in the bone marrow.
Now research has shown that planting tomatoes in fields of killed and rolled hairy vetch, which serves as a mulch, activates some of the metabolic pathways and genes that make tomato plants more vigorous-and their fruit more tasty and nutritious.
This paper details a series of observational studies and controlled experiments aimed at furthering an understanding of the dynamics of crown vetch ( Coronilla varia L.
Hairy vetch is a part of that cycle, using bacteria that pull nitrogen from the air for the plant's own use during its winter and spring growing season.
In this well-crafted fantasy, loner Brenden Vetch finds solace in studying plants and tending his garden.