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The uptorn trees are not rooted again; the parted hills are left scarred; if there is a new growth, the trees are not the same as the old, and the hills underneath their green vesture bear the marks of the past rending.
iBE is co-founded byNader Naeymi-Rad , CEO of Vesture, a luxury fashion company.
The gentle folds of her simple vesture and of the cloth that covers her head are carved with an exquisite verisimilitude.
He acquired a worn-out garment from those of the peasants, and put it on over his vesture.
Such responsibility involves issues such as membership, ritual purity, vesture, and the moral standards of members, including sexual fidelity.
In a nutshell, then, for Fordyce shamefacedness is "an ornament necessary and wise" (Fordyce, Sermon III, 45); sobriety "is a sort of vesture entirely void of show" (Fordyce, Sermon IV, 60); and meekness becomes "a timidity peculiar to your sex" (Fordyce, Sermon XIII, 161).
Come comply, and we will make you every reparation in our power for what you have undergone; in future a Cashmere shawl shall hide the loss of your ears, and silken vesture shall cover your scars.
They cast off the vesture of the body, and in their pursuits, became pure spirit.
It was a buttoned-down crowd: priests in vesture, nuns in habits, laymen in suits and lay-women in control-top pantyhose.
The decision orders male lawyers to wear a special uniform when appearing before courts, which includes: A vesture of black cloth known as the robe; a dark tuxedo; a white shirt; and a black necktie.
If the golden "counterfeit" with its spidery "golden mesh" of Portia enclosed in the lead casket is a life symbol--and I have argued above that this is too simple a valuation--its vitality is undoubtedly clouded by the many negative associations for gold in the text, like the gold casket that enfolds worms, bones, and carrion Death, or the snaky golden hair that masks its origins in the gleanings from a corpse, or the gold patens in the heavens which Lorenzo praises in song to Jessica, whose aureate rays mock our all too distant and mortal regard as souls grossly clad in "this muddy vesture of decay" (5.
In that location the singers began by chanting Psalm 21 (AV: 22), beginning with verses 1-2 and continuing to 7-8, 10-15, and 17-19, thus ending with "They parted my garments amongst them: and upon my vesture they cast lots.
He argued that learning, purity, and good conduct should mark the clergy rather than vesture.
But now all is 'topsie-turvie throwne on every side', her enemies having 'torne my vesture, broake my will'; now 'doth the father hate his lyving sonne, | The neighbour loathes his neighbour bounds him in, | The married paire would have their knot undone [.
Time,--Time herself throws off his motly garb Figur'd with monstrous men and monstrous gods, And in pure vesture enters their pure fanes, A proud partaker of their festivals.