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The uptorn trees are not rooted again; the parted hills are left scarred; if there is a new growth, the trees are not the same as the old, and the hills underneath their green vesture bear the marks of the past rending.
His description emphasizes the simplicity and immediacy of an outcry in the ineluctable struggle with objects: "The lyrical form is in fact the simplest verbal vesture of an instant of emotion, a rhythmical cry such as ages ago cheered on the man who pulled at the oar or dragged stones up a slope" (189).
National research programmes National Identity--Language, Latvian History, Culture and Human Security [Nacionala identitate (valoda, Latvijas vesture, kultura un cilvekdrosiba)] and Letonika [Latvian Studies], as well as the pilot programme Promotion of National Identity [Nacionalas identitates veicinasana] supported by the National Culture Capital foundation [VKKF] approve the state's orientation towards the maintenance of the national and collective ethnic identity.
Sic personis war clothit in quhit vesture to signify bare Innocente & clene lif but onv spot of Cry me'.
Im Fokus seiner Forscherinteressen standen ununterbrochen lexikalische Entlehnungen ostseefinnischen Ursprungs, wovon die folgenden Abhandlungen zeugen: "Latviesu valodas leksiskie somugrismi: izpetes vesture un perspektivas" (--Latvijas Universitates raksti 746.
a) arhivs 'archive', drama 'drama', forma 'form', iniciativa 'initiative', karjera 'career', kontakts 'contact', konteineris 'container', rezisors 'director', vesture 'history', etc.
how the crowd, Eager to kiss my vesture, touch me, throngs Around me, me a simple peasant girl Made first of women and of warriors In all our France
For details, see Teodors Zeiferts, Latviesu rakstniecibas vesture, 3.
In the Caskets plot and later at Belmont, it is the Pythagorean contempt for the senses and the body, what Lorenzo calls "the muddy vesture of decay" (5.
So in the true spirit of entrepreneurship she created her own in conjunction with a business partner, Nader Naeymi-Rad, chief executive officer of luxury fashion company Vesture (and a client at Wright's spa).
The gentle folds of her simple vesture and of the cloth that covers her head are carved with an exquisite verisimilitude.
Beautiful were her shores then, when robed in only Nature's vesture, and beautiful through all time her shores will ever be.
He acquired a worn-out garment from those of the peasants, and put it on over his vesture.
Look, how the floor of heaven Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold; There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st But in his notion like an angel sings, Still quiring to the young-ey'd cherubins; Such harmony is in immortal souls; But whilst this muddy vesture of decay Doth grossly close in it, we cannot hear it (V.
Such responsibility involves issues such as membership, ritual purity, vesture, and the moral standards of members, including sexual fidelity.