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Synonyms for vestry

in the Protestant Episcopal Church: a committee elected by the congregation to work with the churchwardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church

a room in a church where sacred vessels and vestments are kept or meetings are held

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On their return to the vestry there was further deliberation.
But I heard Maister Weston--Maister Weston was there, Miss--this was his first Sunday at Horton, you know, an' he was i' th' vestry in his surplice, helping th' Rector on with his gown--'
Of our kneeling down together, side by side; of Dora's trembling less and less, but always clasping Agnes by the hand; of the service being got through, quietly and gravely; of our all looking at each other in an April state of smiles and tears, when it is over; of my young wife being hysterical in the vestry, and crying for her poor papa, her dear papa.
would be the time for me to rise and propose a private conference in the vestry.
Already were the guests beginning to assemble, when the Bishop, back in the vestry, saw a minstrel clad in green walk up boldly to the door and peer within.
On the one hand, proponents of the vestry bill questioned, "What would that ancient sage [King Solomon] think of three females signing counter-petitions"?
Go as bright as you as bright as you Stripe dress dare and wear dare and wear with a lovely PS60 The Vestry The Vestry golden tan.
He is also a member of Leadership Georgia, a member of the Vestry and treasurer of St.
A minute later he fell over as he entered the church, at which stage he was locked in the vestry until a locum could be found.
RUMOURS "We'd all heard the rumours about him taking girls into the vestry.
NEW ROBES Chorister Niamh Faulkner-Walford proudly presents the new vestry at Durham Cathedral
When the vestry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral voted in May to close the school at the end of the school year -- essentially a couple of weeks notice -- teachers and school staff were left on the verge of unemployment with many scrambling for health insurance coverage.
The culprits kicked down the heavy vestry door, which dates back to 1836, and then went on a fruitless quest for cash.
Rev Alex Brown said: "The two women asked if they could change in my vestry.
The Reverend Cadwaladr dashed to the vestry to put on his surplice for the funeral service which he had completely forgotten about; he was so forgetful.