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Synonyms for vestibule

Synonyms for vestibule

a large entrance or reception room or area

any of various bodily cavities leading to another cavity (as of the ear or vagina)

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ON EXAMINATION: Diffuse swelling on the right side of nose (Figure 1) with obliteration of nasomaxillary groove, there was a growth protruding from the right nasal vestibule, pinkish in colour the irregular surface, probe test showed that it was sensitive to touch, firm in consistency, bleeds on touch, probe cannot be passed on the lateral aspect.
He said he believes the addition of low-dose testosterone to estradiol helps to treat atrophy at the vulvar vestibule, but he acknowledged that this belief is based on his clinical experience and lacks evidence-based studies.
The train with vestibule coaches is expected to become operational from November 1.
The patient may also report postcoital soreness and burning after micturition when the urine drops onto the vestibule ("splash dysuria").
Tata Motors Limited (Tata) (NYSE: TTM), an India-based automaker, is planning to develop vestibule buses, also known as articulated buses, via its joint venture with Marcopolo of Brazil.
There was quite an outburst from the vestibule when Sam's hearty voice echoed down, "Yes, I made it up here just fine
Since the elevator will be on the outside of the building, a vestibule and lobby will be built for protection from the elements.
On James Eric and Victoria Bellocq's set, the vestibule of the Morris Foundation is a comfortable and inviting museum lobby crammed floor to ceiling with masterpieces.
Offering a 3/8" thick, manganese steel blast chamber and multiple vestibule seals for abrasive containment, the machine is equipped with four direct drive blast wheels, each utilizing twelve blades to guarantee full exposure of the product to the blast streams.
Entering via the main entrance, twin bureaus flank a generous vestibule.
This three-season tent was designed for ease of set-up, easy access, and a usable vestibule space for mobility devices.
None of the collectors were named, except the Maison Rouge's founder, Antoine de Galbert, who showed about seventy small works in a model of his vestibule.
Designed to control access to ATMs at the point of entry, the ATMA and MSLR1 ATM vestibule card access control systems from Synergistics of Natick, Massachusetts, interface with a valid bank card or credit card to allow or deny entry to any ATM location.
As the family crosses the floor, they pass the Foodhive entrance and Transaction Vestibule to their right.
Situated off Breck Road close to local shops and amenities, the property comprises an entrance vestibule, lounge with ``real flame gas fire'', rear living room,kitchen with oven, hob and extractor,as well as a bathroom with three piece suite and electric shower.