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Synonyms for vestibule

Synonyms for vestibule

a large entrance or reception room or area

any of various bodily cavities leading to another cavity (as of the ear or vagina)

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During two hours, the vestibule contained the drug constantly.
Pneumolabyrinth following traumatic luxation of the stapes into the vestibule. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2006;70:159-61.
In another study, Wang (2013) was able to model the 15 m/s (49.29 ft/s) supply air-curtain door in the airflow simulation software CONTAM (Dols and Polidoro 2016) to calculate the infiltration reductions when compared to a vestibule door in the U.S.
Nasal vestibule cancers are usually squamous cell carcinomas; the majority is well to moderately differentiated (1-5).
A railway source told the Daily Post: "The door opened as the train entered the tunnel and damaged the vestibule. Luckily nobody was in the vestibule at the time."
During the 1-month blinded phase of the study, the women applied either the lidocaine or the saline to the vulvar vestibule for 3 minutes prior to penetration.
(4) Cochlear hypoplasia: the cochlea and vestibule are separate from each other but their dimensions are smaller than normal.
The main image was found on postcard which had been first sent almost a century earlier in 1903 and depicts the hotel's palatial vestibule.
Traditional touches have been retained like the ornate ceiling cornice in the vestibule highlighted with strategically placed spotlighting.
In the vestibule, You are obsolete As we are, we Scribblers, poets
Isolite Systems has released a new Small Deep Vestibule mouthpiece size.
The stolen items included several Coleman stoves, six tents with vestibule add-ons and a screened-in dining shelter.
Special attention should be paid to the vulvar vestibule, "but we have to look at all of the structures," he said.
Darjeeling, Oct.25 (ANI): World famous toy train of Darjeeling in West Bengal has received vestibule coaches, which now enables its passengers, who had to earlier jump off the train to enter another compartment, to amble along from one end to the other.
Lunches and snacks will be served in the church centre at 12noon, and tea and coffee will be available in the vestibule before the concert..