vestibular sense

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a sensory system located in structures of the inner ear that registers the orientation of the head

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Proprioception, the seventh sense, complements the role of the vestibular sense.
The brain also receives sensory information from additional sources: the tactile or touch sense; the sense of joints' position in space, proprioception; and the ability to interpret movement in relation to the earth's surface (upright, upside down, lying sideways), the vestibular sense.
19] These authors all reported similar pathologies: deposition of various amounts of fibrous tissue and new bone in the inner ear spaces and degeneration of the Organ of Corti and vestibular sense orga ns.
Vestibular sense was assessed using three tests: the Vertical X Writing Test, the Vestibular Stepping Test and a test of vestibulo-ocular stability.
For example, some children find rocking or swinging to be extremely pleasing, and they may "play" with their vestibular sense (balance) frequently.