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(law) an interest in which there is a fixed right to present or future enjoyment and that can be conveyed to another

groups that seek to control a social system or activity from which they derive private benefit

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The report, released on Wednesday, said that they found no evidence "demonstrating that the President of the Republic had, or has, in any way any involvement in the promotion of the development in question, either by the means of vested interest or through misuse of power".
Because these Con-ass members are also the winners of the old unitary setup, the argument of Stephan Haggard and Robert Kaufman against vested interests in their article 'The Challenges of Consolidation' becomes imperative.
As the party with the lowest levels of financial support, the Lib Dems have a vested interest in funding from the public purse, but that should not dissuade us from following that route.
Perhaps the biggest vested interest against the electric car is big tax-happy government.
Anyone who has any idea about McGrath's vested interests knows they are his love of the sport and it's progression while maintaining a traditional programme that makes obvious sense.
The list of dark chapters or those who only exploit us for their vested interests is very long even to think, but the list of true friendship consists only few names to count, China is one name among the few.
Vested interest, particularly the "clean" nuclear power lobby, is deceiving the general public.
He continues to give the education establishment headaches with his plans to take over the Los Angeles Unified School District, no matter how much the vested interests resist.
AFTER POSTAL REFORM: KOIZUMI MUST CUT OTHER AREAS WITH VESTED INTERESTS (IHT/Asahi as translated from the Japanese-language Asahi Shimbun's editorial published Sept.
A Time to Choose" (by Amy Sullivan, December) provides an interesting, if disheartening, look into how the vested interests of various one-issue groups can derail reasonable attempts by reasonable people to craft workable compromises in difficult policy matters.
And if one candidate is hired over others who appear to be more qualified, question the decision, If many such questions surface during the audit, evidence is building that those persons doing the hiring are protecting their vested interests and, consequently, hiring down.
It is axiomatic that all companies pursuing their businesses have vested interests.
The GMB union launched its attack after Mr Jones accused them of holding back reforms to public services through vested interests and short-sightedness.
But Whitehead's latest speech and the rising tide of people with vested interests in the future of the site has some people doubting that anything will happen here for a long time.
Vested interests aside, the public corporation system is deeply troubled.