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The duration of the period of hibernation of three species of vespertilionid bats.
2015: Bat diversity in the Simandou Mountain Range of Guinea, with the description of a new white-winged vespertilionid.
Microchiropterans particularly vespertilionid bats feed on insects and may play an important role in the agro-ecosystems of Pakistan.
1985: The duration of the period of hibernation of three species of vespertilionid bats: 1.
They are confining themselves to only the family of the "Vespertilionidae", also called the vespertilionid bats, which includes 316 species or about a third of all bat species.
Factors determining the abundance of vespertilionid bats in Britain: Geographical, land class, and local habitat relationships.
The western small-footed myotis, Myotis ciliolabrum (Merriam 1886), is a small vespertilionid that occurs over much of western North America from central British Columbia, southern Alberta, and southwestern Saskatchewan, Canada, southward to Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Zacatecas, Mexico (Holloway and Barclay 2001).
Boonman A and Schnitzler H-U: Frequency modulation patterns in the echolocation signals of two vespertilionid bats.
Furthermore, in his summary of the coccidia of bats, Duszynski (2002) lists coccidians from 23 vespertilionid species compared to only five molossids.
For comparison, metabolic data were obtained from Nyctalus noctula, a typically hibernating vespertilionid bat of s imilar body size and convergent foraging tactics.
Evaporative water loss in two sympatric species of vespertilionid bat Plecotus auritus and Myotis daubentoni: relation to foraging mode and implications for roost site selection.