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inflammation of a seminal vesicle (usually in conjunction with prostatitis)

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seminis directly in the epididymis may also develop vesiculitis, ampulitis, and bulbourethritis, in addition to epididymitis [8].
With contributions by some 400 authors whose specialty areas are listed, new chapters have been added on African hedgehogs (reflecting expanded coverage of exotic pets), the biology of the immune system, cloning of domestic animals, complementary and alternative veterinary medicine, disorders of potassium metabolism, equine metabolic syndrome, poisonous mushrooms, porcine circovirus diseases, pseudopregnancy in goats, and seminal vesiculitis in bulls.
abortus is a common cause of orchitis that is often associated with a vesiculitis and epididymitis.
El rapido desarrollo de las vesiculas seminales al llegar los toros a la pubertad predispone a la presentacion de infeccion de origen hematogeno en estas glandulas sexuales accesorias, siendo observadas vesiculitis entre 2-10% en toretes entre 1 y 2 anos de edad.