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a small anatomically normal sac or bladderlike structure (especially one containing fluid)

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5b, the particles interior is uniformly vesiculated, with homogeneously distributed spherical alveoli separated by thin polymeric walls.
Hand samples are white pyroclastic flow tuffs, with abundant highly vesiculated pumice fragments and accidental phylites and quartzites in a glassy matrix (Figure 13).
Also present was a polymorphic population of cells with consistently round-to-oval irregular nuclei; some of the cells were hyperchromatic and some were vesiculated. Some foci had gemistocyte aggregation and a few ganglion cells that were accompanied by mild infiltration of chronic inflammatory cells throughout (figure 2, B).
Right, vesiculated lesions are visible later on her father.
The upper 1-2 m is vesiculated and generally has zeolite minerals filling the vugs.
In contrast, high-dose BSDE-exposed NHBE cells were rounded, with swollen nuclei, no visible nucleoli, vesiculated cytoplasm with large, peripheral cytoplasmic vacuoles, swollen ER cisternae, and loss of surface microvilli-like projections (Figure 7B).
200 [[micro]meter] in length), do not develop pigmented eyespots, and lack vesiculated cells at the posterior margin of the apical lobe.
vesiculated inclusions* (75) H-F/L-F posterior adhesive organ armed with hooks, called a
In a previous study, we have studied in detail how this phenomenon relates to the internal vesiculated structure of MVPs (30).