vesicular stomatitis

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a disease of horses, cattle, swine, and occasionally human beings

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The DAS-ELISA test was performed on scabs for the detection of vesicular stomatitis and foot and mouth disease.
Another livestock invader is vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), which rarely occurs in the United States but can infect humans and some wildlife species.
Serologic survey for evidence of exposure to vesicular stomatitis virus, pseudorabies virus, brucellosis, and leptospirosis in collared peccaries from Arizona.
Vesicular stomatitis virus is an important pathogen of livestock and is transmittable to humans and wildlife, perhaps mechanically by insects (Nunamaker et al.
Identification of the murine Mx2 gene: interferon-induced expression of the Mx2 protein from the feral mouse gene confers resistance to vesicular stomatitis virus.
Activity was determined against selected viruses including, herpes simplex virus type 1, herpes simplex virus type 2, parainfluenza virus type 3, vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis virus, and human rhinovirus type 2.
Studying mice, the researchers found that the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) - carried by a type of white blood cell called T cells - acted as a 'cancer hunter', tracking down tumour cells in the lymph nodes, liver and spleen, and killing them, leaving normal healthy cells unharmed.
Ibaraki, Japan) has patented a method for highly efficient gene transfer into primate-derived embryonic stem (ES) cells has successfully been achieved by using a simian immunodeficiency virus vector (SIV) pseudotyped with VSV-G protein, which is a surface glycoprotein of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) The present invention provides simian immunodeficiency virus vectors for gene transfer to primate ES cells.
FMD is often confused with Coxsackie A virus (hand, foot, and mouth disease), herpes simplex, and vesicular stomatitis.
The first nine chapters address vectors used in gene therapy against cancer, including adenoviral, lentiviral, retroviral, asphavirus, vesicular stomatitis virus, parvovirus, and nonviral vectors.
An outbreak of the viral disease vesicular stomatitis, diagnosed on May 19 in three horses at a ranch in the far west of Texas, had threatened Lone Star Park's plans to host this year's Breeders' Cup on October 30.
Each was then transfected with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) G protein and measurable virus was recovered from only the hybrid-containing chromosome 2.
In this experiment, the Murine Leukemia Virus (MLV) pseudotyped with the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus glycoprotein (VSVg) was used to transduce the NeoR and HygroR within a 293 cell line, human embryonic kidney cell line.
1993) for the animal pathogen vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV), a negative-sense, unsegmented RNA virus.
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