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Synonyms for vesica

a distensible membranous sac (usually containing liquid or gas)

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5) moderately long, slightly curved, apically narrow with a short spine; vesica membranous, cornutus absent; ductus ejaculatorius entering laterally.
Joy-full Vesica, jaunty, poised on toothy legs, lets light pass between them.
Blackhead Premium Spiced Heaven Hill Distilleries 30 Fulton's Harvest Heaven Hill Distilleries -- Bird Dog Western Spirits -- Twenty Grand Western Spirits -- Vesica Adamba Imports 18 Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost Beam Inc.
Length of vesica in relation to phallotheca: 0) longer than phallotheca; 1) subequal in length to phallotheca; 2) shorter than phallotheca.
vesica leaves in two experimental models and animal species.
Chemomodulatory influence of Adhatoda vesica (Justicia adhatoda) on the enzymes of xenobiotic metabolism antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation in mice.
41) Within the symbolism of Theosophy, this notion of Cosmic Evolution is imaged in the Vesica, the orifice formed between two overlapping circles, which Proudfoot claims is the central organizing principle of the intended geometry both of central Canberra, and of the building to be constructed on Capital Hill, the primary sacred site in the city itself, functioning as a kind of omphalos or caput mundi.
But with the use of a press-in bone anchor system (the Vesica Press-In Suture Anchor System made by Boston Scientific) this risk is greatly reduced.
Apparently, the key symbol of this cult is enshrined in the vesica piscis design too - used by the Church of Scotland, he points out, and by Balliol College, Oxford .
Vesica vodka has captured the attention of the industry so far; not only by its strong early sales successes, but by achieving many revered honors.
Aedeagus medium-long, horn-shaped, pointed at extremity; coecum broad and long, similar rectangle, weakly sclerotized, 1/3 times as long as aedeagus; vesica without cornuti.
5% Williams Distilleries Cherry Reserve Vesica Adamba Imports -- 18 34 42 23.