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any of numerous tropical or subtropical American plants of the genus Verbena grown for their showy spikes of variously colored flowers


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They leave mementos for Stefan: Damon's ring, Elena's vervain necklace and Caroline's Mystic Falls snow globe key chain.
occidentalis), Maximilian sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani), purple prairie clover, hoary vervain, prairie coneflower (Ratibida columnifera), golden tickseed (Coreopsis tinctoria), and western ragweed.
This species is another South American vervain that, according to Verloove (2011), has been possibly confused with Verbena bonariensis in southern Europe where the latter is claimed as a naturalised alien.
I explained that beside making nice flowers for the kids to pick, dandelions would in turn give way in a few years to daisies, vervain, mullein, and maybe coltsfoot, and that the secret of such restoration work lay in patience.
It is also the time to luxuriate in the colorful wildflower bouquets of chicory, pearly everlasting, cow parsnip, boneset, campion, pickerel weed, blue vervain, water lily, bull thistle, wood lily, meadow sweet, pokeweed, partridge pea, tansy, Indian pipes -- and one of the most beautiful of all -- purple loosestrife.
Mrs Sternhold1 07-Sep-1885- Shakespeare Queen Gertrude 12-Sep-1885 (T) Shakespeare Portia O Goldsmith R B Sheridan Lydia Languish Shakespeare Desdemona 14-Sep-1885- 19-Sep-1885 (T) 21-Sep-1885- Shakespeare Queen Gertrude 26-Sep-1885 (T) R B Sheridan Lydia Languish Shakespeare Portia Shakespeare Desdemona 28-Sep-1885- 03-Oct-1885 (T) 12-Oct-1885- Shakespeare Queen Gertrude 17-Oct-1885 (T) W Poel Mrs Vervain or (adap.
27: At the beginning of middle summer, purple coneflowers, gray-headed coneflowers, white vervain, oxeye, bouncing bets, ginseng, germander, teasel and wild lettuce blossom in the fields.
Adults nectar from flowers including blackberry, wild strawberry, Japanese honeysuckle, wild hyacinth, phlox, vervain, and red clover.
Some of the plants may be familiar, such as sumac, vervain, mistletoe, and horsetail.
By: Hany SalahuldienPurple petunias, white leadworts and medicinal vervain have been planted in the ruins of courtyards and shrines where scribes of the time described luxurious gardens created in imitation of the ancient Greeks.
when I was pregnant with you, Manman made me drink all kinds of herbs, vervain, quinine and verbena, baby poisons.
Chamomile, lavender, hops, wild oat, and vervain, belong to a group of herbs known as nervines which have been used for centuries to help calm the system and induce sleep.
Sinupret contains a proprietary blend of European elder, common sorrel, cowslip, European vervain and gentian.