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Synonyms for vertiginous

having a sensation of whirling or falling

producing dizziness or vertigo

Synonyms for vertiginous

having or causing a whirling sensation

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Grossman (geography and vertiginous peoples studies, Evergreen State College) and Parker (advanced studies in tribal governments, Evergreen State College) bring together perspectives on indigenous responses to climate change focusing on the pacific rim and including a directory of resources and a booklet for use by Northwest Indian tribes.
The force of fashion is used to courting controversy, from turning the trusty safety pin into a must-have accessory during the punk era, to setting Naomi Campbell up for a fall in a pair of vertiginous platforms.
It will be a vertiginous come-down of one wrong politics with deep consequences and one decade regress for Macedonia.
The eye-popping format works especially well during the vertiginous flying sequences - you feel like you can almost reach out and touch1 the clouds.
In affected patients, motion of the head and/or eyes can stimulate the utriculus vestibuli and cause a vertiginous episode of approximately 1 minute; such episodes are sometimes followed by disequilibrium.
and Shepard (Mayo Clinic-Rochester) began this project upon realizing that previous publications on the topic were in need of updating with the newest information on the assessment and management of vertiginous, dizzy, and unsteady patients.
Those who make it to the end can savour vertiginous views over the fjord, a 600m sheer drop below, uninterrupted by the niceties of balustrading.
The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (1996), adorned by the Kirov's bright smiles, airy cabrioles, and dizzying speed, felt like a letter written once in a classical form but then revised with a fierce, almost biting sensibility and relentless momentum.
The production of fear in a literary text (as opposed to a cinematic text) emanates from a vertiginous excess of meaning.
MacGillivray's (Life Classes, Understanding Bliss, et al) latest work is a short film as startling in its simplicity as it is vertiginous in its thematic possibilities.
And so the vertiginous feeling of all this spin accelerates as though powered by the hot air of the media machine.
Covering mostly older tunes from some of Lawson's favorite songwriters - Carter Stanley, the Louvins, Willie Nelson, Don Reno and Fred Rose, who wrote the ebullient title track - Quicksilver applies vertiginous harmonies and whiplash orchestrations to state-of-the-traditional-art musical revivalism.
Anthony moves in with his family, but instead of making a retreat, his ignoble return to the primal scene is a new beginning chock-full of potential "cures" for him: "preachers and shrinks, art and love," as well as vertiginous subplots and side-bits that will either open the door to his salvation or finally destroy him.
Thus in each of the book's six central chapters he focuses on an episode revealing the sometimes vertiginous complexity--"economic, political, ideological, and aesthetic"--that shapes urban planning debates and development.
The genealogy reveals a vertiginous collapse among the concepts friend/enemy, friendship/enmity, and self/other.