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However, the point has been made that the comparisons presented here cover a rather short time span about 30 million years) and were constrained by the limitations on vertebral column variability within fairly specialized locomotory modes.
Special care should be taken to ensure that the assistive devices used for visual limitations do not place stress on the vertebral column.
Posterior double vertebral column resections combined with satellite rod technique to correct severe congenital angular kyphosis.
This phenomena is explained by Solow and Kreiborg19 that how the resting muscular activity depends on the head posture in relation to the vertebral column.
The purpose of present study was to analyze the occurrence of traumatic posterior paralysis/ vertebral column injury patterns in dogs and their influence on treatment and outcome.
Complete dislocation and fracture of vertebral column is reported rarely.
Gross examination of the vertebral column revealed severe lateral deviation in several locations beginning at the first thoracic vertebrae and extending caudally to involve the synsacrum (Fig 5).
The connection to the vertebral column could have evolved from an illiac process already present in fish.
In fact, in a lifetime of variable cyclical loading, the vertebral column experiences as many as 100 million flexion cycles, while a further 6 million cycles per year may be attributed to the minor motions induced by breathing.
WASSIT / Aswat al-Iraq: The Wassit Provincial Council signed a contract with an expatriate Iraqi surgeon to perform vertebral column and skin defect surgeries at a hospital in the province, according to a council member on Saturday.
These regions comprise in order: the upper limb, the thorax, the abdomen, the vertebral column and spinal cord, the lower limb, the head and neck, and the breast.
NORMAL trading for prime cattle across the UK begins on Monday following yesterday's European Commission decision to raise the carcase age requirement for the removal of vertebral column to 30 months.
Nfu Cymru has welcomed Welsh Assembly Government proposals to increase the age at which bovine vertebral column is classed as specified risk material.
Regarding the vertebral column, choose one false answer:
beef shipments Wednesday after finding a banned vertebral column in a recent 18.