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a Russian unit of length (1

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I think about the Verst worker who came to her boss with tears in her eyes when she received word of her bonus.
Verst of Quintiles, "In the "CRO of the future," harnessing newer design approaches and improving data accessibility will ensure that we are helping to generate earlier comprehensive evidence to address the questions and unmet needs of the multiple healthcare ecosystem stakeholders.
It comprised daily marches of 18 to 25 versts in chains, overnighting in prisons on filthy wooden benches .
Companies Mentioned in this Report: CEVA Logistics, Deutsche Post DHL, KUEHNE + NAGEL INC, United Parcel Service of America, Choice Logistics, FedEx Supply Chain, Lockheed Martin, Network Global Logistics, PTC Servigistics, Ryder, SEKO Logistics, Tata Diesel, Total Logistics, Toyota Motor Corporation, TVS Logistics, UTi Worldwide, Verst Group Logistics
Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust,' (Koranic verst, Al-Ma'idah, 5:51).
JTM competed with 8 other companies in the National Games, including teams from Geek Squad, Clark Material Handling, Dare to Care, Fastenal (2 teams), Verst, OHL and MD Logistics.
The placement of verst markers was ordered for all roads between 'important cities', with an emphasis on the road between Moscow and St Petersburg.
Cohen, Mort de Charlot, 12 Le verst de la Bible auquel le nattateur fait reference apparait dans de fiilm affiche au mur de la chambre de Jeroboram:"Love thy Neighbours"("Tuaimeras tonme prochain.
VErst his method--marrying climate, transportation, energy and open spaces, housing and health.
La profase de reduccion en la ovogenesis de Dendrocoelum lateum Verst.
based Verst Group Logistics, will own and operate the warehouse for Kroger, while Lake Success, N.
Verst spoke about the composition of the British Muslim community, and how his newspaper had become an instrument both for the cohesiveness of the community, and wider awareness of Muslim views.
He is "Deep verst in books," and certainly not "shallow in himself" (to borrow Christ's line in Paradise Regained).