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That is, at these points in his emphatically accentual verse line, he is producing the effect of quantity.
Ziolkowski divides Nota Bene into five chapters, beginning with the scope of the project and important definitions (Introduction) and developing the arguments through "The Recording and Use of Neumes" (chapter 2), which concerns interlinear glosses, because neumes in classical texts invariably appear in the spaces above the Latin verse lines.
2) No doubt visual and aural elements are both at play, and any discussion of Williams's verse line needs to consider their interlinking complexities.
The verse line and its variations is an instrument for setting into activity this huge array of kinds of materials and movements, touching one another and moving one another.
1) It claims that in an enjambment, for instance, the performer may convey both the verse line boundary and the run-on sentence as perceptual units, however strained, by having recourse to conflicting phonetic cues: cues of continuity and discontinuity simultaneously.
Readers have begun to lose their ear for the verse line, without which, as Justice says, poetry might as well be prose.
The adjective vi spa- 'all' almost never occurs at the beginning of a verse line in the Gathas.
116 and elsewhere), whereas it is in fact an abrupt truncation of a verse line by the loss of its final syllable.
A stress maximum was defined as a fully stressed syllable between two weak syllables in the same syntactic constituent and the same verse line.
Why, a breath unit as a measure of the verse line is one breath, and then continuing with the sentence is another breath.
The otherworldly, ecstatic atmosphere of the early lyrics cleared, his verse line tightened, his imagery became more sparse and resonant, and he began to confront reality with a new directness.
Its poetry, too, is less startling but far more subtle in its varied use of the blank verse line.
Whereas the first iteration, "They taste good to her," acts as a default example of neutral tonality and tonicity, with the final lexical item, good, as the tonic or focus, subsequent iterations exploit conventions associated with the verse line to produce audible examples of marked tonicity.
Tennyson would be neither the first nor the last poet to hear so many beats in the blank verse line.
I am going to reproduce a few issues concerning segmentation from a full-length paper of mine devoted to four readings of this single verse line.