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2) No doubt visual and aural elements are both at play, and any discussion of Williams's verse line needs to consider their interlinking complexities.
Such a consistent change of conceptions may be detected even when looking into the minute details of the performances of one verse line.
vispanam followed by its governing word, where the phrase occupies the entire second half of the verse line (e.
116 and elsewhere), whereas it is in fact an abrupt truncation of a verse line by the loss of its final syllable.
Why, a breath unit as a measure of the verse line is one breath, and then continuing with the sentence is another breath.
Whereas the first iteration, "They taste good to her," acts as a default example of neutral tonality and tonicity, with the final lexical item, good, as the tonic or focus, subsequent iterations exploit conventions associated with the verse line to produce audible examples of marked tonicity.
I am going to reproduce a few issues concerning segmentation from a full-length paper of mine devoted to four readings of this single verse line.
Of a particular worldview, but a verse line lives without
In some free verse, there may be a tendency to have the phrase or clause boundary determine the boundary of the verse line, as in Excerpt 2.
One of the characteristic gestures of the work he most admires is the complete rejection of the verse line.
The margin testifies to the will to create a verse line, perhaps a metre.
He often favors a verse line that is broken into four short units (perhaps a succession of prepositional phrases) arranged in a kind of steplike sequence.
But as suddenly as Lake moves from the blank verse line to the unmetrical, he carries us from this scene to its context:
But then, if the beginning of a line is formed first, the verse line is filled from the beginning to the end, while if the last S-position is formed first, the rest of the line is filled from the beginning.
Thus, for instance, scholars of versification have long observed that the longest verse line that has no compulsory break is ten-syllable long.