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Diseases such as AD that were well recognised in this study fall into the former, while others like verruca plana and scabies which were misdiagnosed fall into the latter category.
From the enlargement, the small growth appears compatible with a flat wart or verruca plana," Gonzalez said.
The common clinical manifestations are verruca vulgaris, verruca plana, verruca palmaris and plantaris, and genital warts (condyloma acuminata).
On histopathological examination of 85 cases, 11 were classical Lichen planus and 09 were its morphological variants (Figure 2); 5 cases of Psoriasis, 5 cases of Prurigo nodularis, 4 cases of Morphea (Figure 3), 4 cases of Lichen simplex chronicus, 3 cases of Lichen striatus, 3 cases of Verruca plana, 3 cases of Becker nevus, 2 cases of Pemphigus foliaceus, 2 cases of Linear epidermal nevus (Figure 4), 2 cases of Macular amyloidosis, 2 cases of Lentigo simplex, 2 cases of LSEA and one case each of other lesions as shown in Table 1.
Syringoma on face should be differentiated from verruca plana, trichoepithelioma, sarcoidosis and milia.