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We must have been ahead of our time, because nowadays sticking gaffer tape on a verruca is recommended as one of the options for getting rid of them.
This included patients with multiple verruca vulgaris (more than 5 lesions), recurrent palmoplantar warts, verruca plana mainly on face or other exposed part of body, subungual warts and genital warts.
Verrucas are just warts on the soles of feet and although they're unsightly, they're harmless.
His family claim investigations later revealed the original problem was not a verruca at all, but was caused by a bone left sticking out after Douglas broke his foot during the war.
The list of ailments includes a hangover, sore throat, verruca, wart on finger, torn fingernail and earache.
The show got off to a strong start with Cinderella and the chorus singing a rousing 9 to 5 before we were treated to an impressive entrance by sisters Verruca and Flatula, dressed like Cruella Deville and Lily Savage.
Verruca vulgaris (VV) is a frequent skin disease caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection [1].
He had no verrucas in the tattoo on the left arm, but he had a few verruca vulgaris on his dorsum of the left hand.
1 Acquired PPKD can be due to various causes, psoriasis, lichen planus, AIDS-associated, arsenic associated, corns (clavi), calluses, climacteric keratoderma, eczema, human papillomavirus, keratoderma blenorrhagicum, Norwegian scabies, paraneoplastic keratoderma, Reiter's syndrome, secondary syphilis, dermatophytosis, Sezary syndrome and tuberculosis verruca cutis.
1) and would like to share my experience with regard to a patient develops severe exacerbation of verruca vulgaris under treatment with etanercept.
In China, perhaps, acne and a verruca are enough to book your ticket for the Games.
Treatment was repeated daily, after pumicing the verruca, for up to 8 weeks.
1 The lesion may look wart-like or cauliflower like and may be difficult to differentiate clinically from verruca vul- garis, condyloma acuminatum, verruciform xanthoma or focal epithelial hyperplasia.
From the enlargement, the small growth appears compatible with a flat wart or verruca plana," Gonzalez said.