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a barbiturate used as a hypnotic

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6) As well as functioning as a sleeping remedy and reducing anxiety, veronal could produce a mild euphoria, while heavy doses could induce a state similar to drunkenness.
As the Germans began to conquer Belgium and Holland, Anne-Marie's sister, Eva, on behalf of her family, purchased Veronal, a powerful sedative, from various pharmacies.
Los parasitos han sido extraidos con agua destilada, solucion salina fisiologica, tampon veronal salino, tampon fosfato salino, tampon citrato o solucion salina al 0,1% (16,27-30).
From a corner of the wardrobe she removed two tubes of Veronal.
and at night would down poisonous Edwardian sleeping potions like Veronal (procured from Lord knows where), followed by enormous tumblers full of whiskey and ere me de menthe to mask the smell.
Emma leyo que el senor Maier habia ingerido por error una fuerte dosis de veronal y habia fallecido el tres del corriente en el hospital de Bage" (OCI:564).
Despite this curious ploy, the narrator is able to paraphrase the letter, in which Fein/Fain informs Emma that, "el sehor Maier habia ingerido por error una fuerte dosis de veronal y habia fallecido el tres del corriente en el hospital de Bage.
Otherwise stated, they perceive their dual positions as artists and art objects, they are both forced into the role of commodity and prostitute by male figures, and they both die as a result of some form of "consumption," whether at the hands of Jack the Ripper in Wedekind's plays or through the consumption of a deadly dose of Veronal in Schnitzler's novella.
En plus du Trional, Proust absorbe d'autres somniferes qui sont a deconseiller chez l'asthmatique parce qu'ils depriment les centres respiratoires: "Ces coups de marteau representent la necessite quotidienne de veronal, d'opium, etc .
She takes veronal, if not regularly surely more than intermittently, and although she is aware of the poor's impoverished conditions, she is reluctant to face the implications of her knowledge.
Von Mering proposed the name "Veronal" for the new drug after the Italian city of Veronal, which he considered to be the most peaceful place he had ever visited.
Other allusions in the story to the traditional symptoms of lovesickness mentioned above include the following: "un principio de fiebre" (590), "Insomne, poseido, casi feliz", "demoniaco influjo", "tenaces cavilaciones", "la moneda que tanto me inquietaba", "queria alejarme de su orbita" (591), "tome una pastilla de veronal y dormi tranquil", "olvidar la moneda", "procure pensar en otra moneda, pero no pude", "no logre cambiar de idea fija" (592), "opte por consultar a un psiquiatra.