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a barbiturate used as a hypnotic

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(6) As well as functioning as a sleeping remedy and reducing anxiety, veronal could produce a mild euphoria, while heavy doses could induce a state similar to drunkenness.
Linguistically there are no cohesive (36) ties (long distance referent links which are different from a pronoun referent) to link Caroline's utterances in 31-38 with Shepphard's wise precaution in 6, or to Mrs F's death from an overdose of veronal in 9 (28), and finally to a suicide note in 10 (37) explaining how she committed suicide (37, 38).
Batlle, "Altered heme pathway regulation and drug metabolizing enzyme system in a mouse model of hepatocarcinogenesis: effect of veronal," General Pharmacology, vol.
The curtain will fall on this year's BIPOD with "Russia," a performance by the internationally acclaimed Spanish troupe, La Veronal. The technique in their highly physical performances, it is said, combines "classical dance, elements of theater and silent movies."
As the Germans began to conquer Belgium and Holland, Anne-Marie's sister, Eva, on behalf of her family, purchased Veronal, a powerful sedative, from various pharmacies.
(11) Before use, the strips were washed in 0.05 M sodium veronal buffer, pH 8.6 (Merck, Rio de Janeiro) and dried between filter papers.
From a corner of the wardrobe she removed two tubes of Veronal. She took one and emptied it in her cup.
He was emphatically not a talker, but a supremely astute observer." The question of Waugh's increasing isolation in middle age also led to a comment on his medicating himself for chronic insomnia, which probably brought on the Pinfold hallucinations of 1954: "He had a theatrical hatred for anything up-to-date--have you seen pictures of that ear trumpet he used?--and at night would down poisonous Edwardian sleeping potions like Veronal (procured from Lord knows where), followed by enormous tumblers full of whiskey and ere me de menthe to mask the smell.
Efectos secundarios del veronal. A Silvinia le pasa lo mismo cuando sin cumplir el ciclo del sueno la despierta la voz del padre nino: "Toca Mitchel."
"Emma leyo que el senor Maier habia ingerido por error una fuerte dosis de veronal y habia fallecido el tres del corriente en el hospital de Bage" (OCI:564).
En plus du Trional, Proust absorbe d'autres somniferes qui sont a deconseiller chez l'asthmatique parce qu'ils depriment les centres respiratoires: "Ces coups de marteau representent la necessite quotidienne de veronal, d'opium, etc ..." (13)